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Disinfectant Wipes For Business

Multiple rounds of the new crown epidemic have brought about huge changes in people's consumption habits, and disinfectant wipes have gradually become a daily necessity. Disinfection and cleaning are thought to be for safety and health and not just a chore. Manufacturers around the world are expanding the production of disinfecting wipes in a variety of ways, hiring new workers, and operating 24/7 to ramp up their efforts to increase production. Some factories have adjusted their product mix to focus on the production of disinfecting wipes to meet market demand.

Disinfecting Wipes Vs Hand Sanitizer

Good hygiene is crucial to curtailing the spread of bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus. This can include handwashing with soap and water, disinfecting hand washes, and disinfecting hand rubs such as alcohol-based hand sanitizers, foams, and gels. We all know that hand washing is the most effective way to eliminate bacteria and viruses, hand sanitizers contain 60 percent to 95 percent ethanol or isopropanol, which gives them the best germ-fighting capacity. But that doesn't work when we don't have faucets around us. In comparison, disinfectant wipes are the most convenient way to use them. When we take the bus, or subway, enter the elevator, and go shopping in the supermarket, we will inevitably come into contact with the virus. Timely cleaning and disinfection is particularly important during the epidemic, and you can easily solve the problem by simply taking out the disinfecting wipes in your bag.

What Are The Best Disinfectant Wipes?

When you stand by the shelf of the supermarket, you will see many brands of disinfectant wipes, there are different descriptions about it but you can never tell which is the really effective one. Before finding it, you need to know What makes the disinfectant wipes effective?

Much like liquid, gel, and foam sanitisers, it's imperative you use wipes with alcohol listed as the active ingredient. Alcohol-based hand wipes work by destabilizing the cells of viruses and bacteria, thereby destroying them and making them inactive. The percentage of alcohol must be greater than 60 percent and should be in the form of ethanol or propanol for it to be effective.

Winner Medical's disinfectant wipes are made of 100% cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric with strong liquid absorption. No flavor or fluorescent agent is added in the production process, and it is safe to use. With 70%-75% alcohol, it can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

How To Make Disinfecting Wipes?

Here we will take the production process of Winner Medical's nonwoven wet wipes as an example to explain. Winner's Jiayu factory is equipped with 40 rolls of wet wipes automatic production equipment, which can produce a total of 4.9 million pieces of wet wipes of various specifications per shift every day.

1. Before entering the official work, the staff first need to wash their hands and disinfect, and then enter the special locker room to put on dustproof clothing and dustproof caps to work. They also need to wash their hands and sanitize again after putting on their work clothes.

2. The wet wipes automatic production equipment can be automatically loaded. After the equipment is automatically loaded, the wet wipes material is transported to the slicing place by the conveyor belt, and the material is automatically pushed and stacked after slicing.

3. Start the humidification process after the stacking is completed. The humidification process injects the prepared wet tissue liquid into the material under pressure through a water pump.

4. Then enter the automatic packaging production line, and the robotic arm will automatically cover the wet wipes. So far, the production of wet wipes oem has not ended. We will also carry out a weighing test on each pack of wipes, and the entire production process will be completed after the test is passed.

How Long Do Disinfecting Wipes Last?

The shelf life of common disinfectant wipes bulk in the market is one year from the date of manufacture. On disinfectant wipes, the expiration date means active ingredients in the disinfectant have now started to degrade, causing the wipes to lose their effectiveness. They will be killing fewer germs or none at all. Expired disinfecting wipes will not cause you harm, but they will not do what they claim to do—kill germs. So, if you still don't want to part with your expired pack, you can use them for cleaning. When you need to disinfect you will have to reach for a fresh batch. 

How to store your disinfecting wipes so that they can last long? Convenient places where most of us store our wipes are usually purses and cars, which we should drop the habit. Extreme temperatures will destroy the alcohol in the wipes, to avoid this, store your disinfecting wipes in a cool, dry place.

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