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The Wet Wipes Are Made of These!

As a daily necessities, paper towels are inseparable from our lives, and the use of wet wipes has gradually become more frequent. It has been found that many people understand wet wipes in a superficial sense, thinking that wet wipes are produced by adding a solution to paper towels. Of course it is not that easy! It seems that it is necessary to teach you a lesson. Today we will tell you about the material of wet wipes! Wet wipes are roughly divided into two types according to their materials: one is wet strength paper and the other is nonwoven fabric.

Material of wetty wipes - wet strong paper

The so-called wet strength paper is paper with a wet strength agent. This type of material is strong and has strong water resistance. In layman's terms, even if the wet wipes of this type of material are soaked in water and become damp, they will not be easily torn up. Therefore, wet strength paper is mostly used on map paper, banknotes and money with extremely strong water resistance. The wet strength paper used in the wet wipes we contact is basically lens cleaning wipes, a small piece, flexible and durable.

Material of wetty wipes - nonwoven fabric

Most of the wet wipes are made of nonwoven fabrics. If it is subdivided, the raw nonwoven fabrics are mostly spunlace nonwoven cotton fabric. To put it simply, it is the use of superb technology to entangle multiple layers of fibers with each other, and the result is a reinforced and strong spunlace nonwoven fabric. Generally speaking, most spunlace nonwoven fabrics have the characteristics of rapid moisture absorption, good air permeability, and soft touch. The multi-fiber material will basically not drop scraps and fully conforms to the various properties of wet wipes. Therefore, it has become the first choice for wet wipes.

Most of the wet towel wipes on the market are not 100% cotton, or not even a bit of cotton. According to the "Study on Material Metabolism and Environmental Impact Assessment of Wet Wipes" released by the School of Environment of Tsinghua University in 2021, more than 90% of the wet wipes on the market are made of plastic-containing nonwoven fabrics, and the main component is polyester fiber (commonly known as polyester), so the essence is plastic. These chemical fibers will be added with antimony compounds, carbon disulfide, dilute sulfuric acid and other chemical additives during the extraction process, so that the resulting polyester fibers contain a large amount of antimony, heavy metal and other residues.

The skin of a newborn baby is very thin, only one-third the thickness of an adult's skin. For brands of baby wet wipes, providing safe and non-irritating pure cotton spunlace wipes can meet the market needs of infants with sensitive skin. The all-cotton wet wipes of Winner Medical are made of 100% natural cotton, so compared with traditional chemical fiber wet wipes, they are softer and more skin-friendly, less prone to allergies, and more suitable for the delicate skin of babies.

As a professional non-woven fabric manufacturer in China, Winner Medical provides high-quality environmentally friendly wet wipes made of natural and safe cotton spunlace nonwoven fabrics. Our nonwoven fabric is made of natural pure cotton, and the needle-like water column formed by pressure is used to facilitate the entanglement of cotton fibers into a cloth through a spunlace machine. With advanced equipment, we can make nonwoven fabrics from raw cotton in only 5 minutes. Therefore, compared with the production of most sanitary wipes on the market, the production of wet wipes by Winner Medical can greatly save the time on spinning and weaving links, shorten working time, and save energy and labor.

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