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Do You Know the Difference Between Pure Cotton Towels and All Cotton Towels?

Some people will ask whether pure cotton towel and all cotton towel are the same thing, or whether pure cotton or all cotton towel is better. Here we will summarize the difference between pure cotton and all cotton towel. In addition to people in the towel industry, it is estimated that consumers will think that the cotton content represented by "all cotton" and "pure cotton" is the same, but it is not the case, there are still some differences between the two.

1. The difference between pure cotton towel and all cotton towel

(1) All cotton towel: it refers to towels with a cotton content of more than 95%, which generally have the advantages of deodorization, breathability, and comfort.

(2) Pure cotton towel: cotton is used as the raw material of the textile, and the spun yarn is interwoven vertically and horizontally. For example, cotton towel containing 75% pure cotton can be called pure cotton towel.

Therefore, the main difference between pure cotton towels and all cotton towels is the content of cotton. If the cotton content is more than 95% on the market, it can be said to be an all cotton towel, because generally as long as the cotton content exceeds 95%, it can feel comfortable.

2. Compared with pure cotton towels, the advantages of all cotton towels

(1) All cotton towel is more heat-resistant

Research has found that all cotton products we use every day have good heat resistance. Even at 100 degrees Celsius, cotton products only evaporate water, not the cotton fibers themselves. Therefore, it also indirectly shows that people's eco cotton towel products can be cleaned and dyed more easily, and it is not easy to cause greater harm.

(2) All cotton towels are more resistant to alkalis

Alkali resistance can be said to be a major feature of all cotton fabrics. Due to the high resistance of cotton fiber to alkali, the all cotton texture will not be damaged in the alkali solution. Thanks to such properties of all cotton texture, it is very convenient to clean and disinfect items, and it is beneficial to the dyeing, printing and dyeing and various processing of pure cotton fabrics. All cotton products occupy a relatively dominant position.

(3) All cotton towels are more hygienic

The raw material of all cotton towel comes from naturally cultivated cotton. The cotton fiber in cotton is natural fiber, and its main component is cotton cellulose. All cotton products are composed of these cotton fibers, including all cotton towels. After more comprehensive inspection and practice, it is concluded that all cotton towels have better contact with the skin and are more suitable for everyone to use.

(4) All cotton towel has strong water absorption

The last advantage of all cotton towels is that due to the high hygroscopicity of cotton fibers, they can generally absorb moisture in the surrounding atmosphere, ensuring that cotton products are soft and comfortable when they contact the skin, so that the skin no longer feels dry and stiff.

The above is the relevant knowledge of all cotton tissue brought to you. As an all cotton tissue manufacturer, Winner Medical is loved by consumers. Welcome to consult our products online!

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