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Who Are Suitable for Wearing Disposable Underpants?

Pregnant mothers will have more postpartum lochia, which may often make pants dirty, so many mothers will choose to use disposable underpants. Disposable panty for pregnant is usually more economical, with no need to spend a lot of money, which can also save some trouble and embarrassment, and reduce some unnecessary labor.

1. Disposable panty for pregnant

What is the disposable panty for pregnant? Disposable panty for pregnant refers to maternal postpartum underpants. In about 4 weeks after the birth, there will be a lot of lochia, often making pants dirty. If there is no one at home who can help clean underpants, it is necessary to prepare disposable underpants. After wearing, it can be thrown away, so it is very convenient.
Maternal disposable underpants for postpartum mothers is a great boon, very practical. Since the time and degree of lochia varies from person to person, it is very important to keep clean and dry, so the underpants should be changed frequently. It is suggested to buy more than a few packets of large disposable underpants to facilitate the frequent change at the same time, but also to reduce the workload of families to take care of postpartum mother.

2. Disposable underpants is hygienic and safe

As long as it is the disposable underpants of regular manufacturer, it meets the national safety and health standards. Disposable underpants will be strictly sterilized before delivery. Many manufacturers are using ethylene oxide sterilization for disinfection. Ethylene oxide sterilization has a strong inactivation effect on bacterial spores, fungi and viruses, which can better guarantee the health and safety of disposable underpants. And the operator's clothing, masks and shoes are also sterilized by ultraviolet light to ensure that the products will not be contaminated during the production process.

3. Who are suitable for wearing disposable underpants?

(1) Business trips or travel

For business or travel people, washing underpants outside is a very troublesome thing, and disposable underpants is very convenient, which can solve the problem of inconvenience of cleaning and drying.

(2) Women in postpartum confinement

Women need a month to take care of health in postpartum confinement, which is to let the uterus return to normal stage. At this time women need to discharge lochia in the body, which is easy to dirty underpants. If women are not willing to let families help wash underpants, choose to wear disposable underpants, which is also very convenient.

(3) Patients with gynecological inflammation

Gynecological inflammation patients during the treatment have a relatively high requirement on underpants cleanliness. Replacing new underpants every day is conducive to drug treatment. At this time it is very convenient to wear disposable underpants.

The purpose of disposable maternity underpants is to facilitate the life of postpartum mothers. After delivery, they usually need to sit in the delivery room. At this time, they can't wash their own underpants, which would be embarrassing for them if they don't want families help, so most mothers choose disposable underpants. If it's dirty, you can throw it away. And disposable maternity underpants is relatively safe. With good air permeability, it will feel comfortable.

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