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For Good Skin, a Good Face Towel is Necessary

If you have good skin, you must use a good face towel. How long does it take to change your towel? The more scientific usage is that the towel needs to be replaced after three months of use. If it is not replaced in time, a large number of mites and bacteria will grow on the towel, and acne and allergies on the face are common things. It is very unfriendly to our skin. As a face towel that can replace the towel, the cotton tissue for face is also a good helper at home. It is thick like a small towel. In the morning and evening, it is very convenient to use the thickened face towel for cleaning.

1. The cotton tissue for face is soft and delicate, with strong toughness

The material of the thickened face towel is pure natural plant fiber and imported microfiber, so the texture and cellulose fineness are visible. It is very skin-friendly and soft and delicate. No matter how to wipe it will not irritate the skin. With the latest patent compound non woven fabric, there is no scrap and fluff, and it will not be deformed when pulled hard, unlike other face towels that are deformed when pulled. It can be used both wet and dry, and its toughness remains unchanged after in wet water. The thickened face towel is thicker than ordinary thickened paper towels, and its size is also very large, so it can completely wrap our face, and it does not contain any harmful additives such as fluorescent whitening agents, preservatives, formaldehyde, bleaching powder, etc. It is very safe to use.

2. Thickened cotton tissue for face has a creative embossing design

It has the concave and convex touch, and the cleaning effect is very great. There is also a surface fiber smoothing technology, which can reduce friction when wiping, ensure the facial cotton tissue is skin-friendly and soft, and will not irritate or redden when wiping your face. However, the thickened cotton tissue for face can not only be used to wash the face, but also has many uses in travel. The thickened face towel can replace the cotton pad for wet compress, and can also be used as a makeup remover. It is soft and does not fall off scraps. It is easy to remove the makeup on the face, and it is not easy to damage the skin after repeated wiping. The most special point is the secondary use of the face towel. Don't throw it away after washing it, because it is not easy to deform and tear, so it can still be used to clean up other items after washing your face, such as washstands and mirrors.

The packaging of the thickened cotton tissue for face is also very artistic, with a closed lid design and a dust-proof design, and a non-continuous pumping design, as well as the breakpoint split design with a suitable size, so it is easy to tear. Health care products are considered the safest because they are so important to our healthy lives. Winner Medical, as a mature spunlace fabric manufacturer, has always been committed to providing the most natural and safe cotton paper rolls for hygiene applications, bringing consumers a comfortable upgrade revolution!

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