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Understand Your Cotton Pad

1. Three indicators to understand the various types of cotton pads

We pay attention to removing makeup, pay attention to cleansing, pay attention to lotion, emulsion and cream, but have you ever noticed that there is a "helper" for all the care products that accompanies almost the entire maintenance process: the cotton pad?

(1) Thick vs. Thin

Thick cotton pad is usually made of absorbent cotton, while thin cotton pad is mostly a non-woven type made of paper fibers. Thick cotton pad feels better than thin cotton pad, and does not stimulate the skin too much. Especially for sensitive or relatively thin skin, it is recommended to choose thick cotton pads for face, which is safer.

(2) Edge pressing vs. Open edge

Thick cotton pad is available in full edge pressed, half edge pressed types, or open edge type without edge pressing. Half edge pressed and open edge type cotton pads are suitable for being stripped into several pieces for wet compress, which not only saves lotion and fits the skin, while full edge pressed type cannot be peeled off, which is more suitable for removing makeup.

(3) Silk mesh vs. Non-woven mesh

Some cotton pads for face use a silk mesh made of silk protein, a texture that gently and delicately removes old keratin from the surface of the skin while being wiped. This is the better way to apply lotion and emulsion. It is more even and better for the absorption of maintenance products than using fingers, and it is also more hygienic, and after massaging the skin with lotion and emulsion, the skin will show a fuller and more moist effect.

Whether it is a non-woven surface or a surface made of pure cotton that mimics the structure of non-woven fabric, it usually has an exfoliating effect. Some cotton pads have two different textures, thick and thin: the thick side is suitable for the T-shaped area with more sebum secretion and more old waste keratin, while the thin side is suitable for the U-shaped area of dry and thin skin.

2. Four standards for testing the quality of cotton pad

(1) Water absorption, water saturation

According to the standard amount of general lotion: 2ml lotion is poured on the cotton pad to see if it can be completely absorbed or there is no lotion leakage. A good cotton pad for face should fully absorb the lotion and not drip easily. You may also be interested in cotton pads wholesale and get more information.

(2) Water release

Squeeze the water out of the absorbent cotton pad and see how much water is released. The closer the water released is to the amount of water absorbed at the beginning, the less care products will be "eaten" by the cotton pad.

(3) The degree of dropping cotton wool

Repeat with a wet cotton pad on the back of your hand 20 times to see if any cotton wool remains. A good quality cotton pad will certainly not leave annoying cotton wool on your face during maintenance.

(4) Delicacy

The cheekbones, cheeks and areas around the eyes are the best places to feel whether the surface of the cotton pad is fine and comfortable enough. Even if the cotton pad has the effect of exfoliating, its touch should be delicate and comfortable, so as to ensure that it will not be overly clean.

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