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Four Secrets You Might Not Know About Wet Wipes

In spring, everything comes back to life, and the temperature is getting higher, so all living things will be more energetic, but while we embrace these good things, bacteria have also begun to breed quietly. Escherichia coli hidden on the dining table, ubiquitous Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans active in public places and other bacteria that go anywhere with us often harm our health inadvertently. Therefore, whenever and wherever possible maintaining personal hygiene is especially important, and it has become a habit for more and more people to carry a few convenient packs of wet wipes for cleaning. But when you are faced with an array of wet wipes shelves, do you really know how to distinguish their pros and cons, and how to choose suitable and easy-to-use wet cotton wipes? Here are four secrets about wet wipes.

1. Wet wipes = sterilization?

The answer is of course NO. According to experts, in terms of the performance, the wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: ordinary cleaning wipes and hygiene wet wipes. Ordinary cleaning wipes only have a cleaning function and do not have a sterilization function. In addition to its cleaning function, hygiene wet wipe can also be used to disinfect other items and play a role in sterilization and bacteriostasis. It can be seen that if you want to effectively avoid the attack of bacteria, carry out cleaning anytime and anywhere, and get better health care, you should abandon ordinary wipes and buy hygiene spunlace wipes with sterilization function.

2. Wet wipes = cleaning?

The answer is also NO. Many people use wet wipes to wipe their hands and faces or wipe fruit. However, if the wet wipes are not chosen the right way, not only can these things not be cleaned, but they will be infected by bacteria. Relevant media have done follow-up reports, "inferior wet wipes themselves are the source of bacteria". Limited by production technology and cost, inferior hygiene wet wipes usually have two problems: one is the bacteria exceeding the standard, and the other is the addition of brighteners, industrial-grade essence and other substances, so these wipes usually have a pungent odor when used, and some also contain impurities. After use, there is a phenomenon of obvious fluff, which has become the largest source of bacteria lurking around consumers. In contrast, high-quality hygiene wet wipes oem are treated with purified water, which makes the skin feel refreshed and fragrant after use; and do not contain fluorescent whitening agents and formaldehyde, which are gentle on the skin; the 99.9% effective sterilization rate can ensure the real germicidal protection and provide consumers with a clean and healthy hygienic environment.

3. Does the brand of wet wipes matter?

It is very important. In the current wet wipes market, new brands and new packaging are emerging one after another. Users who have bought wet wipes must have had a time when they did not know how to choose. Although there are many brands, the quality is quite different. Accidentally, lured by the packaging pattern or price, customers may but inferior wet wipes, which will not only fail to clean, but will also carry bacteria and damage your health. Under such circumstances, there is no doubt that high-quality wet wipes brands with a good reputation can certainly provide consumers with more protection.

4. Can a pack of wet wipes be used by the whole family?

The answer is best not to. Wet wipes are currently one of the inseparable items of every family. Only by purchasing suitable wet wipes can the family be under perfect health protection. If there are children under the age of three at home, be sure to reserve some baby wipes, because the baby's skin is very delicate, and the baby wipes will be divided into hand wipes and butt wipes, and the two cannot be mixed. If the children at home are over three years old, they must use hygiene wet wipes produced by wet wipes supplier, because children of this age always like to play everywhere. In the process, they will not only get their hands dirty, but also get some germs, which will endanger the children's health. Therefore, ordinary wipes with only cleaning functions can no longer meet the need of sterilizing children's hands and faces. In this case, whether it is daily cleaning and wiping, or outdoor travel, especially in some public places that lack detergents such as toilet and hand sanitizer, hygiene wet wipes should always be prepared. Only in this way can you kill harmful germs such as Escherichia coli and golden yellow Staphylococcus aureus anytime, anywhere, and keep the whole family safe from germs.

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