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How To Choose The Protective Mask During The 2019-ncov Virus Comming?

Nowadays, a virus named 2019-nCoV suddenly becomes the popular and terrible news in the global. There are 221 infections in total, 217 infections who are found in China, one in Japan, two in Thailand, and another one in Korea, so that many people cancel their visiting plan. However, in China, it seems a little difficult, because the Spring Festival is coming and nearly all the people have the travelling. So if we have to go out, what should we do to protect ourselves?

Please Notice the cleaning and take precautions.

The easiest thing is to choose one protective mask wherever you go. Here, Winner Medical will show three kinds of masks with different protective performances. The highest level N95, medical precaution mask, is mainly used for high-risk prevention. The PFE is not less than 95%.

N95 Protective Mask

The second one is the medical surgical mask to prevent humor and blood. The PFE is not less than 30%, and the BFE is not less than 95%.

Medical Surgical Mask

And the last one is the nursing mask to prevent bacteria. Usually, we can use it as the daily precaution. The PFE is not less than 20%, and the BFE is not less than 95%.

Medical Surgical Mask

Of course, we had better choose the first one if it is possible. At least, we should take the nursing mask.

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