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How to Quickly Identify Whether the Moisture Wipes You Buy Are Made of Pure Cotton Material?

Modern people's living standards are higher, and the requirements for various quality are becoming more and more strict. They all want to buy healthy and practical things. Then how can we buy real pure cotton moisture wipes? Let's take a look at it with Winner Medical.

Moisture wipes of pure cotton texture are not only a pursuit of high quality of life, but also a care for the health of users. The experience of buying clothes and other daily necessities shows that the texture of pure cotton is not discernable only by the naked eye and touch. In particular, moisture wipes belong to disposable FMCG products. In the face of a wide variety of moisture wipes on the market, is there a good way to quickly identify pure cotton materials?

1. The identification method of pure cotton moisture wipes: smell

Good quality moisture wipes will have a soft, elegant scent without any pungent odor, while poor quality moisture wipes will have a distinctly pungent odor. Those cotton-based moisture wipes are made of natural cotton fibers, not chemical fibers, and will not have any pungent odor. If you choose moisture wipes for the baby, it is recommended to choose baby moisture wipes without fragrance. This kind of moisture wipes add less ingredients and stimulate the baby less.

2. The identification method of pure cotton moisture wipes: combustion

The burning state and smell of pure cotton fabric and chemical fiber nonwoven fabric are completely different. Thus, pure cotton moisture wipes and chemical fiber non-woven moisture wipes should be different after combustion. From a professional point of view, pure cotton moisture wipes should be burned without black smoke, no odor, and are turned into gray powder with no hard matter. If it is blended, there will be black smoke, dripping or odor, non-flammable and other problems. Thus, the user can easily detect whether the purchased moisture wipes are pure cotton by a small combustion experiment on the premise of ensuring safety.

Industry insiders said that if with the help of the above tests, users find that the moisture wipes are likely to be chemical fiber non-woven products, do not be surprised, because this kind of moisture wipes occupy a large proportion in the market. Compared with ordinary products, pure cotton moisture wipes have obvious advantages in softness and low sensitivity, but the high price of pure cotton products has become an obstacle for most consumers to choose. However, the inability to sell on a large scale has become a cost-spreading constraint for manufacturers. As a result, pure cotton products have been only popular among high consumption groups.

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