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The Bactericidal Effect of Disinfection Moisture Wipes Comes from the Stock Solution, and the Good Stock Solution Has Three Characteristics

The bactericidal effect of disinfection moisture wipes is mainly attributed to the stock liquid in the moisture wipes, which is the most important component of disinfection moisture wipes. Generally the composition of the stock solution in the disinfection moisture wipes is mainly not all potions, but RO pure water + disinfectant. The disinfectant is not a pure disinfectant, but the one with the best content through the scientific ratio. The original solution of good disinfection moisture wipes has the following three characteristics.

1. Disinfection moisture wipes have high efficiency and broad spectrum sterilization

The most basic characteristic of the stock solution of good disinfection moisture wipes is that it should have high efficiency and broad spectrum sterilization effect, which is also the first criterion for us to choose disinfection moisture wipes. The technical indicators for the production of disinfection moisture wipes are as follows: total bacterial colonies of microbial culture ≤20CFU/g, coliform colonies shall not be detected, pathogenic purulent bacteria shall not be detected, and total fungal colonies shall not be detected; The killing rate of moisture wipes against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is ≥90%. The killing rate of natural bacteria in field test of good disinfection moisture wipes is more than 90.0%, and the killing rate of other microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans is more than 99.9%.

2. Disinfection moisture wipes have the long-term antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects

One of the important criteria for our selection of disinfection moisture wipes is that they can be long-acting antibacterial and bacteriostatic. In addition to effective broad spectrum sterilization, good disinfection moisture wipes should also be effective in inhibiting bacterial regeneration.

3. Disinfection moisture wipes are safe and soft without irritation

We all know that many disinfectants are irritating to the human body, and some disinfection moisture wipes have a pungent smell. The original solution of good disinfection moisture wipes must be safe, soft and non-irritating, and will not cause harm to human skin.

When selecting disinfection moisture wipes, it is necessary to look clearly at the ingredients of the stock solution in the disinfection moisture wipes, and choose the disinfection moisture wipes that are efficient and have broad spectrum sterilization effect, long-lasting antibacterial and bacteria-inhibiting, safe and soft for human skin without irritation. Disinfection moisture wipes come with a water storage compartment. With a gentle pressure, after three seconds it can be transformed into a moisture wipe. The main disinfection ingredient is quaternary ammonium salt, which is safe, long-acting, soft, stable and highly effective without irritation. The addition of quaternary ammonium salt disinfection ingredient to the moisture wipes makes the surface disinfection convenient and simple.

The advanced manufacturers of disinfection moisture wipes have standardized the technical research results of their products, setting up a technical benchmark for the products, so as to promote the improvement of the technical level of the products while standardizing the relevant product market. In addition, the focus of the development of the standard is to improve the level of the "product logo" group standard, so that the standard tends to be more reasonable, feasible and effective, in order to promote the improvement of the product quality of production enterprises of disinfection moisture wipes, boost the transformation and upgrading of related industries. At the same time, in order to meet the new market economic situation, strict requirements on product technology and quality are adopted to achieve high control, improve the market competitiveness, and accelerate the development of related industries.

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