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Introduction to the Current Status of Feminine Hygiene Products

1. The current status of sanitary products: most of them are non-degradable, causing a burden to the environment

Women's personal hygiene during menstruation is important, but the mishandling of non-organic menstrual products can have a huge long-term impact on the environment. What the average sanitary napkin user may not realize is that sanitary napkins contain up to 90% plastic. If not handled properly, they end up in landfills, on beaches, pollute our oceans for decades, and even affect our health. Many of us don't realize that even the main absorbent component of traditional napkins is made of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Given the high environmental burden, a so-called "ecological biodegradable" organic panty napkin is emerging, which is free of plastic, dioxins, chlorine, fragrances and preservatives, thus reducing health risks.

2. Winner Medical's panty napkins protect women's health

The environment and human health are important to each of us. As the professional sanitary pad manufacturer in China, Winner Medical produces cotton core sanitary pads series without wood pulp. Normally it is discarded after use will degrade within 6 months. In addition, Winner Medical products have the following advantages:

(1) The product is made of cotton, degradable and compostable, without chemical additives.

(2) The product has a large absorption capacity, it is light and thin, has good absorption capacity, and is lasting and comfortable.

(3) We have 30 years of medical experience and professional production.

(4) We have obtained a number of professional-level certificates.

3. Winner Medical has strong factory strength

Winner Medical is a leading manufacturer of cotton personal care products in China. We have been manufacturing cotton personal care products since 1991. We started with a simple but firm dream to lead people away from chemical stimulation and back to a safer, healthier and more comfortable life.

Our CEO, Mr. Li, boldly proposed a plan to replace woven fabrics with non-woven fabrics and replace synthetic fibers with cotton fibers. Since 2005, our 100% spunlace nonwoven technology and direct use of raw cotton have revolutionized traditional production processes. Winner Medical has brought forth huge innovations for the textile industry. What's more, the technology behind our medical cotton products has been patented in China, US, EU, India and 30 other countries around the world. Finally, we also want to make medicine close to our lives and cotton to protect our health.

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