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Introduction to the Ingredients of Cosmetic Cotton Pad

1. Materials of cosmetic cotton pad

Cosmetic cotton pad is generally divided into absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric types.
In the selection of a cosmetic cotton pad, its touch, and elasticity are the primary factors. It should be soft and malleable to the touch. In addition, there is a most practical way to judge the quality: fold the cotton pad in half and rub it together, if there is cotton wool, it is not good.

(1) The characteristics of absorbent cotton

It is relatively thick, with a soft touch. It is very skin-friendly when it is used to apply lotion. When using absorbent cotton to apply the lotion, the amount will be larger and sometimes there is cotton wool, but the good thing is that it is very gentle to the touch and will not be irritating for sensitive skin. So absorbent cotton is more suitable for gentle wiping or use directly on the face.

(2) The characteristics of non-woven fabric

It's relatively thin, not so soft, but solid. Spunlace nonwoven fabric in the process of use will not drop cotton wool, or leave cotton residue. Non-woven cotton is more suitable for removing makeup, and the cleaning will be more thorough.

2. Comparing Different Types of Cosmetic Cotton Pads

For cleansing and exfoliation, use cosmetic cotton pads made of pulp fiber and synthetic fiber non-woven. The surface of this type of cosmetic cotton pad is rougher. It has a moderate suction force. When paired with an exfoliating lotion, the rough surface of the cosmetic cotton pads can be used to metabolize the exfoliating ingredients in the lotion, and the friction generated by the rough surface of the cosmetic cotton pads can also take away the old keratin from your face.

(1) Pulp fiber cosmetic cotton pad

It is recommended to use a pure cotton cosmetic cotton pad for moisturizing and hydrating. This type of cosmetic cotton pad is usually made of natural cotton, soft and comfortable to the touch, absorbent, and with strong water retention. With the moisturizing lotion, it can effectively penetrate the moisturizing ingredients into the skin.

(2) Pure cotton cosmetic cotton pad

It is also recommended to use pure cotton cosmetic cotton pad for wet compress, but the size should be larger, with enough density and thickness, so that it will not be easy to tear, or wipe the face full of cotton wool. It is also easier to tear into pieces to paste on the face. Usually, the thickness of this type of cosmetic cotton pad is more than 0.3cm, so that the water absorption of lotion will be sufficient, and it can also replace the mask. (You may be interested in cotton pads wholesale)

(3) Pure cotton cosmetic cotton pad with enough density and thickness

Is it good to add makeup water to cosmetic cotton pads for wet compresses? It is somewhat similar to the mask. In terms of cosmetic maintenance technology, it is the concept of closed dressing in skin medicine: when the skin surface is temporarily sealed, due to the rise in local temperature and moisture infiltration, it promotes increased blood circulation in the skin, and finally leads to increased penetration rate of ingredients, and the effect is more obvious, which is also the scientific basis that we will feel that the skin will become better after applying the mask.

In operation, it is suggested that the lotion will be poured on the cosmetic cotton pad so that the whole cosmetic cotton pad is very wet: gently press it, and the moisture will run out. Then put it on the local part, but especially to remind, no matter what kind of lotion, 3 to 5 minutes are enough, do not pick it up until it is dry, because that will lead to more dry skin. After the dressing, apply lotion or cream to lock water, to make the skin hydrated and smooth.

Winner Medical's OEM Cosmetic Cotton Pad Solutions

Winner Medical's OEM cosmetic cotton pad solutions offer high-quality makeup cotton pads for the face. These pads are made from 100% natural, high-quality cotton, ensuring a safe and gentle experience for the skin. The materials used are of edible grade, meeting the eco-label LABEL standard and emphasizing sustainability. The main materials used include 50g cotton nonwoven, 110g unbleached cotton nonwoven, and 130g cotton nonwoven. The pads come in various shapes such as round, square, and unbleached square, catering to different preferences. Additionally, Winner Medical provides different sizes and packaging options, allowing for customization and convenience. With our commitment to quality and eco-friendly practices, Winner Medical's OEM cosmetic cotton pad solutions are a reliable choice for skincare routines.

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