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Is It Necessary for Nursing Mother to Go out with Anti-galactorrhea Pad?

Anti-galactorrhea pads are a must-have item for new mothers. This is a special item for fitting the mother's breast, and the breastfeeding pad is designed into an arc curve, which is fixed on the underwear by the non-slip adhesive, and does not affect the beauty and daily activities. The super strong suction polymer is used to quickly absorb the spilled breast milk, and the surface of the breastfeeding pad is mostly made of thin, soft materials, to give the skin the most gentle care. Some of the milk leakage pads have a leak-proof lining and a leak-proof side to make sure nothing goes wrong.

1. It is necessary to buy milk leakage pad

Breastfeeding pad is to prevent milk overflow and wet clothing. The anti-galactorrhea pad can also protect the nipples. Because the cracking of nipples in the early stage of lactation due to frequent sucking is too normal, soft anti-galactorrhea pad can let mothers suffer less. If breastfeeding mothers often cannot timely breastfeed or hear the baby cry, the milk will automatically flow out, soaked clothing is very embarrassing. The anti-galactorrhea pad is mainly used to absorb the spilled milk and prevent the excessive milk from penetrating the clothing.

Many mothers in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, began to prepare for the maternity package. Is the anti-galactorrhea pad necessary to buy? A lot of new moms ask this question. The purchase of anti-galactorrhea pad generally depends on the individual situation, but anti-galactorrhea pad is a very practical thing. If the milk is too much, it may often wet clothes, and is very uncomfortable. Especially in winter, mothers may wake up to find their quilt, clothes are wet, uncomfortable and very hateful, then we must use the breastfeeding pads. As long as it is used, mothers with more breast milk immediately feel much more comfortable!

2. Disposable milk leakage pad is breathable and leak-proof

For anti-galactorrhea pad, many new mothers will seek help online, because they do not know whether the one-time anti-galactorrhea pad is easy to use, and they do not know whether the one-time anti-galactorrhea pad is good, or the repeatedly washable anti-galactorrhea pad is good? Disposable anti-galactorrhea pads are a bit expensive, and washable anti-galactorrhea pad are a bit of a hassle, which mothers struggle with.

The main function of breastfeeding pad is to fix milk discharge in the inside by absorbing excessive breast milk. The outside is a breathable waterproof layer, can keep the bra dry, avoid excessive milk and wet underwear or clothes, even sleeping quilt at night.


3. According to the use of milk leakage pad, it can be divided into two types

(1) Washable anti-galactorrhea pads
Advantages: Made of cotton and other natural fabrics, comfortable, strong air permeability, can be used many times, economic benefits.

(2) Disposable anti-galactorrhea pad

Advantages: Light and small, with fixed position on the back of the adhesive, easy to use and carry, one-time use, no need to clean.

4. Breastfeeding mothers go out with necessary anti-galactorrhea pads

Many mothers at home will use anti-galactorrhea pads, whether disposable or washable breastfeeding pad, day and night. So should a nursing mother take a anti-galactorrhea pad with her when she goes out? Anti-galactorrhea pad is a practical thing, especially for new mothers with a lot of milk, which is very convenient.

However, if you go out and use anti-galactorrhea pads, you should remember to replace it once every 2 to 3 hours. Or when the milk is too much, and the breastfeeding pad is wet, it needs to be replaced immediately. Or when you have more milk, and the breastfeeding pad is wet, it needs to be replaced immediately, because there will be a smell for a long time. In addition, if the breastfeeding pad is not replaced for a long time, it is easy to lead to nipple inflammation and other symptoms, so new mothers should remember to replace it!

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