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Kitchen Cleaning Cannot Be Ignored: Kitchen Wipes Can Help You

When you are at home, would you rather cook than brush pots and pans and wash dishes with greasy hands? Every time you think about cleaning the kitchen, when looking at the room full of grease and piles of pots, pans, chopsticks and spoons in the sink, you instantly collapse and have no way to start. Even if you are careful when cooking, hoods, tile cracks, window frames are hard to escape the fate of getting dirty and greasy. When you are determined to clean the kitchen, the greasy and sticky rags really destroy the last line of psychological defense. It is a small thing that it looks dirty, but the key is after the repeated use of rags, bacteria will grow again and again. After five days of use, a new rag will be infested with bacteria, dirtier than a toilet.

What's more, some people only have one piece of rag at home, just used to wipe the pool, and wipe the knife, which is equivalent to eating bacteria into the stomach. There are some wet wipes with alcohol inside, which will have a sterilizing effect, but cannot remove oil and dirt. Home hygiene is no small matter, and the kitchen oil is heavy and easy to breed bacteria. Caring for home health is responsible for the health of the whole family. Kitchen wet wipes are efficient at oil removal with alcohol-free formula, which are safer to use in kitchen.

1. The characteristics of kitchen wipes

(1) Strong ability to absorb oil and remove dirt, good at wiping without washing.

(2) No fluorescent whitening agent, no alcohol, safe and non-irritating, gentle and non-invasive to hands.

(3) Containing efficient decontamination factor, convenient to clean sticky grease.

(4) High-quality thickened non-woven fabric, can be reused 4 to 5 times.

2. Do not wipe kitchen wipes with water after use

The wipes themselves have no alcohol, no pigment and preservative, and are extracted by pure water osmotic technology, which can effectively inhibit bacteria. In addition, they contain dodecyl glycosides, which have bactericidal effect on glucococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. So kitchen wipes do not need to be cleaned twice.

3. The difference between kitchen special paper towels and kitchen wipes

(1) The size is not the same: Kitchen special paper towels are larger than kitchen wipes.

(2) The extraction method is different: Kitchen special paper towels are generally rolled and pulled by point breaking, while kitchen wipes are generally pulled and packed by extraction.

(3) The function and role are different: kitchen special paper towel is a good helper for home cleaning, food oil absorption, and can achieve multiple purposes, can be used to absorb oil and scale, as well as used for microwave oil absorption, ingredients preservation. Kitchen wipes are a kitchen grease remover, specifically used to clean cooktops, hoods and other greasy areas. Kitchen wipes contain a high concentration of detergent for powerful cleaning.

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