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Kitchen Cleaning Wipes Can Do All Things

The kitchen has always been the key area for cleaning, but cleaning the oil fume is a headache. There are various kitchen cleaning props on the market, and the effect of use is relatively limited. There are also many usage scenarios for kitchen wet wipes, such as oil contamination and cleaning and maintenance of the surface of kitchen utensils and appliances such as range hoods, gas stoves, hearths, dining tables, tableware, food containers, sinks, ceramic wall tiles, exhaust fans, refrigerators, etc. Kitchen cleaning wipes for kitchens can not only clean up the dirt of small household appliances but also be used in different bowls, so let's see how it works.

1. There are some differences in the use of kitchen cleaning wipes

If you want to clean up moldy dirt, you can choose home appliance cleaning wipes. If you want to clean up bacteria and prevent bacteria from growing, you can choose sterilizing cleaning wipes. The functions of the two are still somewhat different, so please choose carefully. When you unpack the package, you can see that the home appliance cleaning wipes are designed with grid paper towels, and such a grid design can wipe up the stains while cleaning, without worrying about the stains spreading or cleaning back and forth.

The main ingredients of kitchen cleaning wet wipes are sodium bicarbonate electrolyzed water and fermented ethanol. It does not contain detergents and synthetic surfactants, so there are no chemical harmful substances that damage the skin when using it, so you can use it with confidence.

2. Kitchen cleaning wipes are made of tough man-made fiber cloth

Kitchen wet wipes can not only clean moldy stains inside and outside the refrigerator but also moldy dirt on walls and floors. The antibacterial wipes use 100% food additives certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. There is no peculiar smell on the antibacterial wipes when using them. This way, you can wipe down dishes or clean knives before cooking without harming your body due to smells or harmful substances. Its size is relatively consistent, somewhat similar to the size of a handkerchief rag. The thickness of the wet wipes is also not too thin, so don't worry when cleaning the kitchen, the wet wipes are too thin and easy to tear or the cleaning area is small.

Kitchen wet wipes have strong elasticity and are not easy to tear. And there is no small debris or cotton segregation falling out when cleaning with wipes. Kitchen wet wipes are generally made of thickened non-woven fabrics, which have a good protective effect on wooden, aluminum, copper, ceramic, and other tableware, and will not scratch the surface like ordinary steel balls.

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