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Kitchen Wipes: Great Helpers for Cleaning Oil in the Kitchen

No matter how careful you are when cooking, cooker hoods, tile gaps, and window frames are easily getting dirty and oily. It's not a big deal to wipe the oil after cooking, but after wiping, you have to wash the greasy and sticky rag that makes you sick. Especially in terms of the rag with greasy dirt, no matter where it is placed, it is an eyesore. A new rag used for five days may have millions or even hundreds of millions of bacteria on it, which is dirtier than a toilet! Whether you want to clean microwave, range hood, gas range, pot lid, oven or knife, all you need is a kitchen wipe. Not only does it save you the trouble of washing rags frequently, but you can also easily get rid of kitchen oil stains.

Kitchen wipes, the main base material is spunlace non woven fabric, produced from wood pulp, polyester or viscose. It is mainly used to clean oily stains in the kitchen. It can achieve a strong cleaning effect through the interaction between the physical structure of the surface of non woven fabric and the cleaning agent. In addition, the kitchen wipes containing skin care essence, on the premise of cleaning, are gentle on the skin and do not hurt the hands, and have better functionality.

1. Strong detergency of kitchen wipes

Thanks to the high-quality non woven fabric raw material, it has strong detergency, so it is easy to deal with kitchen oil. The best thing about it is that you don't need to add any other detergents when wiping oil stains, because it comes with super decontamination ability. Put the kitchen wipes in the oily place for a few seconds, and the oil stains can be easily removed.

2. The formula of kitchen wipes is mild

Ultra-pure water alcohol-free formula ensures it is safe and does not hurt hands, so your hands will no longer be rough.

3. It is simple and convenient to use kitchen wipes

The wipe body is enlarged and thickened, the coverage area is large, and the touch is fluffy and soft. Besides, it is not easy to break and does not fall off scraps, and it can be used in a variety of scenarios. Kitchen wipes can completely replace rags. One extra large and thick one has pearl texture and is not easy to deform. One sheet can solve all your troubles.

Kitchen wipes are a good helper for kitchen cleaning. It is made of spunlace non woven fabric + natural coconut oil + pure water. It is not only super thick and super large, but also flexible and not easy to break. It can remove oil and dirt, which is gentle and does not hurt hands. With it, you will stay away from kitchen oil stains and get rid of tedious kitchen cleaning.

Kitchen cleaning is a necessary part of daily cleaning. Winner Medical cotton kitchen wet grease cleaning wipe has characteristics of high strength, high water-absorbing quality and durability, making it ideal for kitchen cleaning. The series of reusable kitchen cleaning wipes are also customizable with patterns and additional features. Feel free to contact us for prices on kitchen wipes!

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