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Non Woven Eco Bags Are Environmentally Friendly in Modern Society

The non-woven eco bag is a green and environmentally friendly product. It has durable toughness, a beautiful appearance, and good breathability, which is reusable and washable. Plus, in addition to these practical and durable properties, it is also very effective in advertising. Because of the characteristics of cotton non-woven fabric, various promotional advertisements can be printed on it, and the service life is very long, which is suitable for advertising promotion in any industry. Nowadays, many businesses also borrow this feature of non-woven eco bags to promote their companies and products. So, what are the advantages of non-woven eco bags?

1. Non-woven eco bags are more economical

Plastic bags are slowly fading out of the product packaging market, which is clearly reflected especially in terms of shopping and supermarket shopping bags. Instead, they are replaced by the non-woven eco bag that can be reused repeatedly. Compared with plastic bags, in terms of advertising printing, it is easier to print patterns on non-woven eco bags, and the colors can be more vividly expressed. The advertising content to be expressed can also be better expressed. Coupled with the feature of being recyclable, non-woven eco bags have become a carrier for advertising promotion by many companies. Because the loss rate of nonwoven fabric bag is lower than that of plastic bags, the non-woven eco bags can be used repeatedly and are more cost-effective and the advertising effect is more obvious. Therefore, the use of non-woven eco bags for advertising and promotion has been favoured by many businesses.

2. The non-woven eco bag is tough and firm

Compared with traditional plastic bags, the eco-friendly non-woven bag is stronger and firmer. In order to save costs, the manufacturers of traditional plastic bags always produce products that are thin and easy to break. However, to make plastic bags strong and firm, they must cost more. The emergence of eco-friendly non-woven bags can well solve the problems faced by plastic bags. The nonwoven eco bag is tough and not easy to wear. The nonwoven eco film-coated bag not only has the characteristics of toughness and firmness but also has the characteristics of waterproof and good hand feeling. Beautiful appearance is more popular. Although the cost of a single bag is slightly higher than that of plastic bags, it can solve the problems that cannot be solved and avoided by plastic bags, and the service life of eco-friendly non-woven bags is also longer than that of plastic bags. Therefore, many businesses are still willing to spend more to use nonwoven eco-bags.

3. The nonwoven eco bags have good public welfare

Due to the environmentally friendly characteristics of non-woven fabric bags, the repeated use of non-woven fabric bags greatly reduces the pressure of waste conversion. Coupled with the environmental protection concept of eco-friendly non-woven bags, it can be said that environmental protection is fully reflected. It would be more appropriate to name non-woven eco bags as the "image ambassador" for environmental protection. In addition, the non-woven eco bags are affordable and close to the people, so the potential value it brings to society cannot be measured by money.

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