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Knowledge About the Compressed Towel

1. The introduction of compressed towel

Towels are divided into many kinds, one of which is the compressed towel, also known as micro towel, magic towel. The towel that we normally use is compressed into a small grain, so it is easy to carry. Compressed towel uses the existing towel as raw materials, without changing the original quality and use functions, and takes advantage of the compressed technology for secondary deep processing, so that the towel volume is reduced by 80% to 90%. When it is soaked in water, it will expand to the original size and is intact, thus greatly facilitating the transportation, carrying and storage.

2. The classification of compressed towel

(1) Knitted compressed towel: with the existing towel as raw materials, then carry out the secondary processing, which is characterized by the high price, a volume that is relatively bigger than non-woven compressed towel. The texture is related to the quality of original knitted cloth. It can be used repeatedly.

(2) Non-woven compressed towel: with ordinary non-woven fabric as raw materials, it is characterized by the low price, small volume, general feel, instant expansion in water, high spray rating. Generally it cannot be used repeatedly.

(3) Cotton spunlace non-woven compressed towel: with natural fiber cotton as raw material, clean and hygienic, soft to the touch, gentle and comfortable, the stretching is very great when it is in contact with water, strong water absorption and release, no cotton breakage, without dropping cotton wool, relatively high quality, can be used for many times.

3. The texture of compressed towel

Cotton spunlace non-woven compressed towel is divided into plain pattern compressed towel, mesh pattern compressed towel, F pattern compressed towel, pearl pattern compressed towel.

(1) Weight comparison: there are 30g/m²non-woven fabric, 70g/m²F pattern cotton spunlace non-woven fabric, 120g/m²pearl pattern cotton spunlace non-woven fabric.

(2) Texture comparison: the plain pattern one is smoother, the mesh pattern is more breathable, the F pattern is softer, and the pearl pattern is fuller.

(3) Water absorption and release comparison: under the same weight, pearl pattern > F pattern > mesh pattern > plain pattern. The small "cylinder" structure of pearl pattern is more absorbent and water-releasing than other patterns.

4. The shape of compressed towels

In people's daily life, designers design products into various shapes and patterns in order to attract consumers' eyes more. The production technology is to decide the towels of selected materials, styles and patterns, and after sterilization, compress them into shapes such as circle, heart, pentagram, square, credit card, butterfly, plum blossom, egg, car, beer bottle, etc. New shapes can also be developed according to the needs of users.

It has a variety of patterns, novel shapes and is easy to use, thus arousing people's curiosity and thus their desire to use it. Cotton pearl pattern compressed towel uses high-quality cotton spunlace non-woven fabric as the raw material for production with a shape of the round. Compressed towel generally chooses the plant fiber, that is, cotton. Because the chemical fiber has a strong elasticity, it cannot be pressed into a variety of lovely shapes.

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