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What Are the Classifications of Cotton Sheeting Fabric?

Cotton sheeting fabric is the most common fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and has good water absorption and breathability, so many people will prefer to wear cotton clothes. Although often in contact with cotton clothes, do you know what kinds of classification of cotton sheeting fabric? Next Winner Medical will take you to understand it.

1. Cotton sheeting fabric

Cotton sheeting fabric is mainly made of cotton, whose heat retention property, water absorption, breathability are relatively good, so it is also very soft and comfortable to wear. Cotton sheeting fabric is often used to make intimate class clothing, such as underwear, and shirts.

2. Fine woven cotton sheeting fabric

It is a kind of cotton sheeting fabric, and is a fine cotton sheeting fabric. With the advantages of the above cotton sheeting fabric, it will avoid the shortcomings of cotton sheeting fabric easy to pilling, easy to wrinkle. Polyester cotton is a cotton fabric made of polyester and cotton, so it is called polyester cotton. Because polyester cotton cloth contains polyester, so it is softer than cotton sheeting fabric, but the water absorption is a little worse, and polyester cotton cloth also has the disadvantage of easy pilling.

Washed cotton sheeting fabric is a special treatment of cotton sheeting fabric, so that the surface of the cotton sheeting fabric looks more lustrous, and feel more comfortable. Washed cotton has the characteristics of not easily deformed, not faded, and the surface of washed cotton has a layer of plush, so that the fabric looks more characteristic.

3. Ice cotton sheeting fabric

Ice cotton sheeting fabric is thin, breathable, but also has the characteristics of coolness. From the name you know that it is very suitable for summer. Ice cotton sheeting fabric is a special coating made on top of cotton sheeting fabric, and the fabric produced by touching has a cold feeling. This fabric is most suitable for making ladies' dresses, shorts, T-shirts, etc.

4. Mercerized cotton sheeting fabric

Mercerized cotton sheeting fabric is made of cotton as raw material, and is made of carefully selected high-grade cotton, so mercerized cotton sheeting fabric is a high-grade soft cotton sheeting fabric. It has the advantages of pure cotton sheeting fabric, and also its own unique features, such as high gloss, not easy to fade, elasticity and other characteristics.

Cotton sheeting fabric is a kind of woven fabric made of cotton yarn; different varieties are derived from different tissue specifications and different methods of post-processing. Cotton sheeting fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, warm, moisture-absorbent, breathable, easy to dye and finish, etc. Because of its natural characteristics, it has long been loved by people and has become an indispensable basic necessity in life. The manufacturing of cotton sheeting fabric includes three processes: spinning, weaving and dyeing, in which spinning and weaving are the mechanical processing of textile fiber into yarn and fabrics, while dyeing and finishing is the use of chemical methods and part of the physical and mechanical methods of fiber products for reprocessing process. Through the finishing process, the performance of fibers and their products and their appearance can be improved.

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