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Kitchen Cotton Tissue Makes Cooking More Convenient

There are two types of kitchen cotton tissues for sale at Winner Medical: paper extraction and roll paper. In contrast, paper extraction is more convenient to draw with one hand. The advantage of roll paper is its large size, which is super practical whether used to prepare food or clean the kitchen.


Cooking is a happy thing, but it is also a troublesome thing. With the kitchen cooking cotton tissue paper, cooking will become more convenient and fun from now on.

1.Does tissue paper absorb oil from food?

Yes, tissue paper can absorb oil from food. When you place the tissue paper on top of oily food, the paper will soak up some of the oil. However, it's important to note that tissue paper is not designed for this purpose and may not be as effective as other materials such as paper towels or oil-absorbing mats. Additionally, it's not recommended to use tissue paper for absorbing oil from hot or greasy foods, as the paper may stick to the food and cause burns or injury.

2. The kitchen cotton tissue paper can absorb the moisture of the ingredients, and the cooking will not splash the oil

When cooking, the most fearful thing is splashing oil. Just the crackling sound makes people feel scared, not to mention how painful the oil splashes on your hands. In fact, oil splashing is due to the reaction of high-temperature oil when it encounters moisture. To avoid it, you can use kitchen cotton tissue paper to soak up the water in the wok and the ingredients before draining the oil, so that the oil will not splash. Kitchen cooking cotton tissues are 100% natural cotton materials, food-grade materials, and are safe for contact with food. In addition to being used to absorb water before the ingredients are put in the pot, they can also be used to absorb oil after the ingredients are out of the pot, allowing you to enjoy lower-calorie healthy food.


3. Using cooking cotton tissue paper as a placemat, the table is easy to clean up after a meal

Clean up the dining table after a meal and look at the messy food residues and dripping oil stains. Do you feel very troublesome? Here we provide you with a small coup: Before eating, tear a piece of kitchen cooking cotton tissue paper and place them at the bottom or next to the tableware, so that food residue can be conveniently placed, and at the same time, some small pieces of food that accidentally fall can be caught. In this way, when cleaning after a meal, you only need to throw the soft cooking cotton tissue paper into the trash can, and the dining table is still tidy as before, and it is more worry-free to tidy up.


4. Use cooking cotton tissue paper to wipe the kitchen, bid farewell to cleaning rags

Stop washing the dishes with a rag! If the rag is used for a long time, it will not only become greasy but will also breed bacteria, so it is not safe to use it to clean dishes. Replace with disposable kitchen wipes. This cooking cotton tissue paper is large in size and thicker, and the cotton wadding is not easy to fall off and does not easy to break after being wet. And for more convenient cleaning, there are kitchen grease wipes. A piece of cooking tissue paper can handle the dishes and chopsticks of the whole family, and can also wipe the kitchen stove and range hood. It can be discarded after it is dirty, and it is hygienic and convenient, so there is no need to touch the dirty cloth again.


The kitchen is full of oily smoke, but also full of love and warmth. The cotton era hopes that everyone who loves to cook can usher in every warm cooking time more calmly.

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