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The Benefits and Selection of Compressed Towels

We have to brush our teeth and wash our faces every day, so when you brush your teeth and wash your face in the hotel, you will see a small towel, which is the compressed towel. Compressed towel is very convenient in travel. In addition to this, it has many advantages.

1. The benefits of compressed towel

(1) Easy to carry: compressed towel can be used instead of the general towel, because it is compressed, the volume is very small, it is very convenient to carry when we are traveling on business.

(2) Health care: disposable products, using ultraviolet sterilization method, with shell using advanced PVC encapsulation technology, so that the product does not directly contact with the air, thus effectively avoiding product pollution, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

(3) Wide range of uses: used for hand washing, face washing, bathing, washing dishes, scrubbing vehicles, etc., suitable for organs, factories, banks, post offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, drivers maintenance and installation, etc., especially suitable for tourist personnel.

2. The choice of compressed towel

(1) Look at the appearance

Compressed towel is fine, neat, terry height is flat, the color is pure and bright, no uneven shades.

(2) Look at the raw materials

Compressed towels can be divided into non-woven compressed towels and knitted compressed towels in terms of raw materials. Non-woven compressed towels are measured by gram weight per square meter, size, and technology as the basis for determining the price of the product. Knitted compressed towels are determined by the weight of each towel and the grade of the yarn as well as the technology. Generally, the material chosen for the compressed towel is plant fiber, i.e. all cotton. Because of the strong elasticity of chemical fiber, it can not be pressed into a variety of lovely shapes.

(3) Look at the water absorption

Compression towel should have excellent water absorption. The rapid absorption of water is the focus of the advantages and disadvantages of towels. A drop of water can be used to try, which may be a more convenient method.

(4) Smell

Quality compressed towels should not smell. If you feel the smell of new towels pungent, it is recommended to give up the purchase of such products.

Compressed towel is very widely used. It is not only convenient to carry, and relatively hygienic. The selection can be considered from raw materials, absorbency, taste and other dimensions. A good compressed towel will not cause harm to our skin.

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