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Cotton Swabs Are a Must-have at Home!

1. The non-sterile cotton swabs bought at the drugstore cannot directly treat the wound

A pack of clean cotton swabs grow green fur after a few days, so even cotton swabs also have fake products? Medical cotton swabs come in sterile and non-sterile packages. Sterile cotton swabs are cotton swabs that are disinfected after packaging or packaged after chemical disinfection; Non-sterile cotton swabs are cotton swabs that have not been sterilized. They are supplied to health care facilities and sterilized before being used for treatment.

The non-sterile cotton swabs that consumers buy from pharmacies in their daily life are not "medical swabs", but "life swabs", which can be used to clean skin and ears, but not for wound treatment. Consumers buy non-sterile cotton swabs from drugstores without disinfection equipment and conditions in hospitals. If they are directly used for wound treatment, such wound infection is likely to occur and cannot be cured.

2. Sterile cotton swabs are "sterile" after opening, and should be thrown away after 12 hours

We have purchased several kinds of medical cotton swabs from several pharmacies, among which, the external packaging of sterile safety cotton swabs is printed with the words "medical cotton swabs", also printed with the words "sterile level", sterilization and disinfection methods and instructions, while the external packaging of non-sterile cotton swabs is only printed with the words "medical cotton swabs" or "cotton swabs".

As for the mold infection of the purchased cotton swabs, the cotton swabs have not been disinfected after opening the packaging. In the humid environment in summer, it is easy to breed bacteria and mold infection.

Sterile sustainable cotton swabs can be directly used to treat wounds after opening, but for the general family, it is difficult to use up medical cotton swabs, so cotton swabs after opening the packaging should be placed in a cool, dry environment, otherwise it is easy to be damp and go moldy.

Sterile packaging cotton swabs can also be infected with bacteria when unwrapped. Once the sterilized packaging of sterile cotton balls and gauze is opened, the use time should not exceed 24 hours. After more than 24 hours, sterile cotton swabs will also be identified as "cotton swabs with bacteria".

Sterile cotton swabs should not be used to treat wounds after opening for more than 12 hours. They can be used for home hygiene care or discarded. To avoid waste, consumers can purchase small packages such as individually packaged sterile safety cotton swabs.

Winner Medical starts from a simple but firm dream to guide people away from chemical stimulation and back to a sustainable and healthy life. In 2005, we independently developed cotton spunlace non-woven fabric and obtained patents in more than 25 countries around the world, and studied the application of spunlace non-woven fabric in the personal care industry, including health care, cosmetic care, wet wipes and medical care.

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