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The Benefits of Using Tissue Non Woven Packaging Bags for Clothing

Due to the increasing emphasis on environmental protection in the world and the strengthening of personal environmental protection awareness, the requirements for the inner packaging of products are also getting higher and higher. As a globally recognized environmentally friendly product, tissue non woven packaging bags on the market are gradually replacing traditional plastics packaging bags. In the face of all kinds of tissue non woven inner packaging bags, how to distinguish the quality of them? When purchasing tissue non woven inner packaging bags, you must carefully check all parts and details. In order to allow you to choose high-quality tissue non woven inner packaging bags, Winner Medical will give a brief introduction to the purchasing skills for your reference. The quality of non woven fabric cloth inner packaging bags can be distinguished as follows.

1. Thickness uniformity of tissue non woven bags

In a good light environment, the thickness of the fabric will not vary greatly, but the thickness of the poor fabric will appear very uneven, and the texture contrast of the fabric will be larger. This will greatly reduce the load-bearing weight of the fabric. At the same time, in terms of the feel of the fabric, the poor fabric will feel very hard and not soft.

2. The elasticity of the tissue non woven bag

Cotton spunlace non woven fabric cloth is a kind of tissue non woven, which is a tissue non woven formed by directly using cotton fibers to form a net through air flow or machinery, and then reinforced by spunlace and after finishing.

3. The stitch spacing of the tissue non woven bag

The force requirement of the fabric texture is 5 stitches per inch, so that the bags sewn in this way are both beautiful and have strong bearing capacity. The stitch spacing of non woven fabric cloth bags is less than 5 stitches per inch, and the bearing capacity is poor.

4. Load-bearing capacity of tissue non woven bags

The load-bearing capacity of cotton non woven fabric cloth bags has a lot to do with the tensile resistance, elasticity, and stitch spacing and thread of the bag material. Imported environmentally friendly materials are used, and the pure cotton thread is used. The distance between the threads is strictly in accordance with the distance of 1 inch and 5 stitches, so as to ensure the carrying capacity of the bag.

5. Printing clarity of tissue non woven bags

Whether the net is sun-dried firmly, whether the drawing is even, whether the strength of the master who tests the printing when scraping the ink is uniform, and whether the viscosity of the size prepared by the master for size mixing is qualified are all factors that determine the definition of printed patterns.

The above is the introduction to the purchase of cotton non woven fabric cloth inner packaging bags. If you want to know more about tissue non woven inner packaging bags, please keep focusing on the official website of Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

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