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The Choice of Baby Moisture Wipes: Don't Let Love Become the New Injury

Speaking of wet wipes, mothers are no strangers to them. It can be said that it is a must-have item for parenting families, and it has too many uses. It can wipe baby's hands when they are dirty, wipe their butt when they pee and poo, and even clean their mouth and teeth. It can also be used to wipe baby's supplies and toys in daily life. If the furniture is dirty, you can wipe with it. And it is convenient to carry, throw away after use without the trouble of cleaning.

However, the more commonly used things should be more carefully selected. There are all kinds of wet wipes on the market, how is it safe and reliable? What should we pay attention to when choosing a safe and eco friendly wet wipes for babies? Come and explore this today. Do not buy the following types of wet wipes.

1. Perfunctory packaging: do not buy moisture wipes with poor sealing

Once the packaging is poorly sealed or damaged, bacteria can infiltrate the wipes and then if you use it and rub onto the skin of the hands, there will be disastrous consequences.

2. Do not buy moisture wipes with incomplete and vague information

The content includes: production date, manufacturer information, shelf life, main ingredients, production batch number, hygiene license number, etc. Moisture wipes lacking these information are likely to be substandard products.

3. Do not buy moisture wipes that are too thin

The thickness of moisture wipes is one of the criteria for judging the quality of moisture wipes. It is generally believed that thick moisture wipes feel better and more practical, while thin moisture wipes are easier to tear during use, affecting their cleaning ability.

4. Do not buy moisture wipes containing preservatives and whitening agents

Baby wipes are often used to wipe hands and mouths for babies, and any harmful ingredients are not allowed. If they contain alcohol, essence, disinfectants, preservatives, brighteners, fluorescent agents and other substances, they should be rejected decisively.

5. Do not buy scented moisture wipes

Spices may cover up some spoiled tastes, and may also cause a burden on the baby's skin. Choose unscented baby moisture wipes, with fewer added ingredients and less irritation to the baby.

Moisture wipes that can do well in the above aspects can be said to be qualified baby wipes. However, it is still recommended that mothers try on the local skin first when changing new moisture wipes for their babies, and then use the whole body if there is no adverse reaction.

According to the function, baby eco friendly wet wipes are divided into different types, which can be divided into disinfection wipes and hand and mouth wipes, with disinfection and antibacterial functions. The price of different brands of wipes is different, and the comfort of the baby is also different. It can be purchased according to actual use.

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