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The Ice and Snow Competition Closed Perfectly | Winner Medical Will Cheer with You on the Field of Life!

On February 20th, the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 officially closed. We have seen so many wonderful moments for the snow and ice sports and each match could raise the patriotism of the Chinese.

Here, Winner Medical would share some special stories about the Olympic Winter Games. And it is no doubt that there are still a lot of endless stories.

Ⅰ. Story about Winner Medical and "armor"

At the beginning of January, dozens of trucks full of "armor" set off from Shenzhen and Hubei to Beijing and Zhangjiakou, and the stuff in these trucks are material supports for Olympic Winter Games(Beijing 2022) from Winner Medical.


These "armors" have just been taken off the assembly line, and owners are waiting to put them on, namely the Winter Olympics venues, medical security teams, volunteers staying in hotels, medical security teams, and athletes. Wearing the "armor" of Winner Medical, they will be on standby at any time in the closed-loop management area, ice ribbons, and other sites, do a good job in epidemic prevention, provide timely treatment for injured athletes, and protect the health and safety of all Winter Olympic athletes and staff.


Winner Medical has always insisted on protecting the health of the people. As a national brand, we always maintain high standards for product quality. Winner Medical's proud "Golden Moment" is when our gold products - green N95 masks and "Winner Logo" protective clothing are worn on winners, volunteers, and doctors.

Winner Medical's "armor" can be seen not only in the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics, but also at the most intense scene in Wuhan, at the forefront of daily nucleic acid screening, Winner Medical's "War Armor" has never been absent. Winner Medical always adheres to practical actions to build a safety line for people.

Ⅱ. Story about Winner Medical and "winner"

Before the start of the Winter Olympics, the topic "What kind of talent is considered a winner in life" was on the hot search. In the eyes of the public, ice and snow athletes who have achieved excellent results are well-deserved winners.

But the true meaning of "winner" seems to have changed today. It seems that we no longer define winners by champions and success by rankings. Winner Medical initiated the discussion on what the "winner" is, just to tell everyone: the moment you choose to do your best, you are the winner.

Winner Medical teamed up with JD Health to send red masks to a group of young athletes before the game. We send our first best wishes of the Chinese new year in advance, wishing them a happy new year, and wishing them to realize their dreams on the ice and snow track and achieve their satisfactory results on their respective ice and snow tracks.


The ice and snow competitions ended wonderfully, but the home field of life is still full of challenges and hopes. Winner Medical's "Winter Olympics Story" will not end, "armor" will always protect the health of the people, and "Winner" will work together with everyone!

Winner Medical cheers for the ice and snow competition and protects the nations to make them healthier.


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