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Winner Medical and Wuhan Textile University Innovation Research Institute Were Established

On December 27, Winner Medical and Wuhan Textile University jointly established the Innovation Research Institute. In order to speed up transforming sciences and technologies into achievements, Xu Weilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, deputy secretary of the party committee, and president of Wuhan Textile University was appointed as the dean of the Innovation Research Institute of Wuhan Textile University.


A few days ago, Academician Xu Weilin led the research team of Wuhan Textile University to visit the Shenzhen headquarters of Winner Medical and conducted in-depth business exchanges and discussions with Winner Medical's chairman Li Jianquan and the R&D team. At the exchange meeting, the two parties negotiated on school-enterprise cooperation. One of the important topics was the co-establishment of an innovation research institute.

purcotton20211229-3.jpgIn order to quickly promote the cooperation, Ji Hua, vice president of R&D, and Guo Qingfeng, director of the Science and Technology Department of Wuhan Textile University, signed an agreement on the joint construction of production, learning, and research in Wuhan on the 27th. In addition, the two parties formally established the Wuhan Textile University Innovation Research Institute of Winner Medical. Fang Fuyuan, CFO of Winner Medical, and Academician Xu Weilin jointly unveiled the Innovation Institute.

In the spirit of "honesty and trustworthiness, resource sharing, complementary advantages, and common development", the two parties will further integrate the school's science and technology, human resources, enterprise's industrial advantages, technological advantages, scientific and technological achievements, and production conditions. Winner Medical will cooperate deeply and integrate with Wuhan Textile University to jointly enhance the high-quality development capabilities of schools and enterprises.


Li Jianquan, an alumnus of Wuhan Textile University in 1978 and chairman of Winner Medical, said that over the years, Academician Xu Weilin has paid a lot of attention and support to the innovative development of Winner Medical, and also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions. The establishment of the Innovation Research Institute can enable both schools and enterprises to provide a broader space for development in future research on the technology and application of basic materials and other innovations. Winner Medical has always attached great importance to the development of talents. Over the years, it has introduced plenty of excellent graduates from Wuhan Textile University with majors in textiles, materials, machinery, and other related fields.

As an outstanding alumnus and entrepreneur of Wuhan Textile University, Li Jianquan, chairman of Winner Medical, has been doing his best to give back to his alma mater for many years. Academician Xu Weilin expressed his gratitude for Li's contributions. At the same time, Xu Weilin expressed his recognition and appreciation for the development philosophy of Winner Medical insisting on taking "cotton" as the core and continuously exploring the cultural properties and product performance of cotton. He believes that as the leader of the company, Li Jianquan, the chairman of Winner Medical, can personally participate in and follow up the scientific research and innovation of the company, which is an ability that many company leaders do not have. With Li's wisdom leading, there is wave after wave of talents obsessed with innovation and have broad minds in the internal of Winner Medical.

At this stage, the country is vigorously developing a circular economy and promoting realizing peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality. Compared with chemical fiber, the greatest advantages of cotton fiber is that it comes from nature and degrades in nature, which is very close to the concept of carbon neutrality. Academician Xu Weilin said that the goal and driving force of the future development of the Wuhan Textile University Innovation Research Institute are to make cotton produce more value. And at the same time, to better promote the innovation of the textile field to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

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