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These Ingredients Should Not Be "additives" in the Baby Wipes!

1. The ingredients that cannot be added into the baby wipes

(1) Alcohol

The role of alcohol in the wet wipes is mainly sterilization, but alcohol is volatile, easy to cause the moisture loss on the skin surface after wiping, then the user may feel tight and dry with skin discomfort. Therefore, it is not suitable for babies.

(2) Fragrance

Fragrance and alcohol are considered to be the irritating ingredients, so the products with aromatic scent should also be selected according to consumer preferences, but the added fragrance ingredients increase the risk of skin allergies. In conclusion, baby products should be natural and pure. Many brands of baby care wipes are now clearly marked "no alcohol and fragrance added".

(3) Preservatives

The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination, so as to extend the shelf life and service life of the product. However, improper use of preservatives can lead to allergic dermatitis. Preservatives are also one of the common causes of skin allergies and skin irritation.

(4) Fluorescent agents

Fluorescent agents are also not supposed to be present in baby care wipes. If the wet wipes contain fluorescent agents, they should be added during the processing of non-woven raw materials, which is also a component that is detrimental to the baby's skin.

(5) Water that has not been fully sterilized

The main component of baby wipes is water, which must be treated pure water, otherwise the bacteria in the water will instead multiply on the wet wipes, which is not good for the baby's skin and health. The big brands are still relatively secure in terms of quality control of pure water. The most unsafe factor of the wet wipes produced by small manufacturers is right here.

2. How to buy safe wet wipes for baby?

Some brands will state in the ingredients list that the product contains aloe vera, VE, chamomile and other skin care ingredients, which can better take care of the baby's little butt. In fact, there is no problem if these ingredients are not added. Generally speaking, the fewer ingredients are added to wipes, the better. Selection methods of baby wipes are as follows.

(1) Brand

Choosing a good brand of baby care wipes is a universally applicable method, and most people will regard well-known brands as the first choice to buy. After all, the quality of paper wipes produced by well-known brands is more reliable. But it is not absolute, the product that is most suitable to your baby should be selected.

(2) Trial

Before switching to a new brand, you can buy a small package for the baby to try. Buy several brands of wet wipes back, and use them on the face of adults first. If adults can obviously feel the irritation of alcohol, the products cannot be bought again.

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