Winner Medical Co., Ltd
Winner Medical Co., Ltd

30 Years Of Unremitting Efforts - Winner Medical Provides Healthcare To Everyone In The World

Thirty years ago, many people believed that medical dressings made in China are were of inferior quality. Instead of refuting, Winner has made every effort to improve our cotton products to the best. Decades of painstaking efforts made us now in the leading position of exporting quality medical dressings. 

Twenty years ago, we were constantly being questioned for lack of technical innovation. Without making any excuse, we spent 3 years and 570 tons of cotton improving our R&D ability. After thousands of tests, PurCotton successfully developed the process of PurCotton Spunlace Non-woven Fabric

Ten years ago, experts said that big brands will never be created by export trading companies. Ignoring these comments, we adhere to using medical technology to create necessities for daily use. Now, we have created 3 major brands and reconstructed a new marketing pattern in the field of comprehensive health. 

 As a professional biodegradable fabric manufacturer in China, Winner Medical never succumb to difficulties! And we will still make every effort to create better and greener life for all customers.

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