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What Are the General Standards for Testing Moisture Wipes? What Are the Important Quality Indicators?

Moisture wipes are made of pure water, spunlaced nonwoven fabric and propylene glycol. They are used to wipe the skin. In recent years, due to the convenience of carrying and using moisture wipes, they have become the most essential daily necessities at home, travel and office. Especially for families with children,  moisture wipes which are convenient and easy to use have become the necessity of modern families to raise children together with milk powder and diapers. The prevalence of the use of moisture wipes at present is beyond doubt, but the product quality is uneven and many people are still not aware of it.


According to the administrative measures of disinfection, moisture wipes belong to sanitary products. Enterprises producing moisture wipes for human body shall not engage in the production of sanitary products until they have obtained a sanitary license issued by the local provincial health administration department. At present, the test of moisture wipes is mainly based on the hygienic standard of disposable sanitary products.

1. The size check of moisture wipes is the most basic indicator

Uniform size is the basic embodiment of the enterprise’s production capacity and quality control ability. Tensile strength, dust degree, liquid content, transferable fluorescent substances, stain removal and corrosion are indicators of the performance and quality of moisture wipes. Tensile strength and dust degree reflect the quality of raw materials. Dust degree is also a reflection of the production environment. If the dust particles in the production environment are too high, it will be reflected in the dust degree of the final product. The liquid content can reflect the level of formula and production technology. Microbial index is the embodiment of production environment and technological level.

2. Detection of pH value of moisture wipe

Moisture wipes in the production process need to use a variety of additives. After processing with these acid, alkali, and salt chemical, moisture wipes inevitably have a certain acid or alkaline. If the pH value of moisture wipes is too high or too low, it may be harmful to human health during use. The skin of the human body is generally weak acid, so it is conducive to preventing the invasion of some bacteria. If the use of moisture wipes containing too strong alkaline, it will lead to the destruction of the natural barrier of the skin surface. Some bacteria grow and reproduce under alkaline conditions, stimulate the skin, cause discomfort to the human body, and even cause disease. According to the national standard, the pH value of moisture wipes for human body should be between 3.5 and 8.5. For some infant moisture wipe products with the direct contact with the skin of children, the pH value is very important, good baby moisture wipes should be the similar pH value with skin, so the stimulation is relatively small.

The standards have toxicological testing requirements for moisture wipes and sanitary moisture wipe products. When new products or changes in raw materials and production processes may affect the toxicity of products, toxicological testing of finished products shall be conducted according to the standards of different product categories.

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