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What Are The Trends In the Cotton Pad Market?

The global cotton pads market presents different consumption characteristics due to regions. Consumers in the Americas have been accustomed to cotton ball for many years, while European consumers prefer round pads. With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, driven by demand, the global cosmetic cotton market will show a steady growth market. According to The MarketWatch News, It is estimated that the global cosmetic cotton market will reach 64143 million USD in 2025.

Environmentally Friendly Cotton Pads

From the perspective of environmental protection, cotton pads can be divided into: recyclable cotton pads and disposable cotton pads.

● Recyclable cotton pads: after cleaning, they can be reused many times, and it is usually a dry cotton pad.

● Disposable cotton pads: dispose of after one-time use, including dry and wet pads.

We all can choose a cotton pad according to our own needs, the most important thing of eco-friendly is to choose a cotton pad made of degradable materials. The cotton pad made of 100% cotton is 100% biodegradable.

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What Are Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are generally small cotton pieces about 5-6 cm long made of cotton or paper pulp. The main purpose is to remove makeup, because it is very soft and not easy to hurt the face when removing makeup. Of course, cotton pads can also be used for makeup, and wiping the lotion has the effect of secondary cleaning, which is an important step in skincare.

According to the material classification, cotton pads are generally divided into two categories: absorbent cotton pads and non-woven cotton pads:

1. Absorbent cotton pads: thicker, softer to the touch, weaker in water absorption and with lints, but better in soft texture, suitable for gently wiping keratin.

2. Non-woven cotton pads: relatively light and thin, rough to the touch, but strong in water absorption.

 According to the type of shape, it can be divided into three types: with border, without border and full-edge cotton pads.

1. Cotton pads with border: suitable for lotion and thin lotion. The hem design prevents moisture from seeping out.

2. Cosmetic cotton without border: suitable for simple facial masks, the thickness is generally 4-5mm, and thicker material can be easily peeled off into a thinner form.

3. Full-edge cotton pads: It not only has the convenience of the border but also retains the thickness of the non-border cotton pads.

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What Are Cotton Pads Used For

1. For facial care

The toner and the facial cotton pads can be used together to maintain the skin. Pour the appropriate toner on the cotton pad, and tap gently to promote digestion and absorption for the face.

2. To remove makeup

The makeup remover cotton pads can help the skin to remove makeup more strongly. Pour the makeup remover on the cotton pad, until the makeup is removed.

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What Are Cotton Pads Made Of

Cotton makeup pads production process is as below:

1) Carry out the cotton dust removal treatment; 

2) Send the dedusted cotton into the carding machine for combing, and then enter the net laying machine to be laid into a cotton thin layer and a cotton core layer;

 3) After the cotton thin layer is subjected to water spray treatment, the cotton thin layer is subjected to pressurized water treatment using a special water pressure device;

 4) The cotton thin layer and the cotton core layer after the pressurized water treatment are subjected to high temperature surface treatment; 

5) The cotton thin layer is subjected to high temperature surface treatment; The cotton thin layer is covered on both sides of the cotton core layer, and various patterns are made by a special embossing device to form a semi-finished cotton pad; 

6) The semi-finished product is cut into different sizes by a cutting device

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What Are The Best Cotton Pads

When choosing a cotton pad, its touch and elasticity are the primary factors to determine. It should be soft to the touch and stretchy. Another way is to fold the cotton pad in half and rub it. If the lint falls off after a few rubs, of course, it cannot be used.

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Variable cotton pads solutions that can be customized according to different needs, Winner Medical would like to work with you to create a sustainable world, to play a leading role in energy conservation, environmental protection and carbon emission reduction.

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