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What is Cotton in Your Eyes?

Ⅰ. The basic concept of cotton

What does cotton look like in your eyes? Cotton is the seed fiber of the cotton plant of the Malvaceae family. It is a soft and fluffy fiber. The flowers are milky white and turn deep red shortly after flowering, and then wither, leaving small green capsules called cotton bolls. There are cotton seeds in the cotton boll. The fluff on the cotton seed grows from the epidermis of the cotton seed and fills the inside of the cotton boll. When the cotton boll is mature, it splits and reveals soft fibers. The fiber is white or white with yellowish color, about 2 to 4 cm (0.75 to 1.5 inches) long, containing about 87 to 90% of cellulose, 5 to 8% of water, and 4 to 6% of other substances. The countries with the highest cotton production include China, the United States, and India.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of the cotton used by Winner Medical?

All cotton spunlace tissue non woven fabrics and related cotton products of Winner Medical are all made of selected high-quality raw cotton. What is high-quality cotton?

Micronaire is a comprehensive reflection of the fineness and maturity of cotton. It is closely related to yarn quality and spinning technology. Cotton fiber with high micronaire value can withstand mechanical blows and is easy to remove impurities. Besides, the yarn is evenly dry, the appearance is smooth, there are few defects, and the finished product yield is high. However, if the micronaire value is too high, the yarn strength will be affected. Cotton fibers with too low micronaire values tend to have poor maturity, and are prone to harmful defects and poor dyeing performance. Therefore, only cotton with a moderate micronaire value can take both aspects into consideration and obtain a more comprehensive economic effect. Internationally, cotton with a micronaire value between 3.5 and 4.9 is regarded as normal micronaire cotton. Especially for cotton with a micronaire value in the range of 3.7 to 4.2, the price has to be increased. This is the reason why cotton with a micronaire value of 3.7 to 4.2 is classified as Grade A in the new standard, and grades below 3.4 and 5.0 are classified as Grade C.

The quality of cotton fiber (including three indicators: length, strength, and fineness) directly affects the quality, grade and economic benefits of textiles. For example, the length of the fiber determines the spinning count. Generally, the longer the fiber, the higher the spinning count; and the yarn count is closely related to the type and grade of fabrics. In addition to superior performance in moisture absorption, ventilation, and heat preservation, high-quality cotton also has good skin-friendliness. Especially for people with sensitive skin, high-quality cotton can well protect their skin health and ensure comfort. What's more, there are higher requirements for cotton in medical.

On the contrary, the formaldehyde contained in low-quality cotton not only has a strong stimulating effect on the skin, mucous membranes and eyes, but also harms the human body through the skin and respiratory tract. Inferior cotton often contains harmful metals and is easy to breed bacteria, especially for people with weaker resistance such as infants and children. The harmful effects of inferior cotton are particularly serious. Winner Medical not only uses high-quality cotton, but also unbleached raw cotton:

1. Most manufacturers on the market use bleached cotton, and the bleached cotton has been degreased. If bleached cotton is used to produce 100% pure cotton non woven fabrics, the fibers are easily broken during the process of cotton carding and spunlacing.

2. Winner Medical uses unbleached raw cotton. The original waxiness on the cotton surface can ensure that the fiber of the raw cotton will not be easily broken during the production process. Bleaching is carried out in the final process to ensure the cleanliness and strength of the cotton non woven fabric.

Ⅲ. The advantages and production technology of cotton of Winner Medical

1. The advantages of products of Winner Medical

Products of Winner Medical are made of 100% cotton, bleached in the last process, and do not contain chlorine, which makes them have the following characteristics:

(1) Not irritating;

(2) Minimize the body's exposure to chemical substances;

(3) Softer and more comfortable

(4) More environmentally friendly;

2. Production technology of products of Winner Medical

On the basis of traditional quality management, we have added two special controls for black spots and foreign objects.

(1) We use a foreign fiber inspection machine before cotton carding to remove foreign fibers, small iron and small cotton seeds, etc.

(2) Semi-automatic inspection is adopted by intelligent visual inspection machines to ensure the quality of cotton roll.

Winner Medical's president Mr. Li boldly plans to use non-woven fabrics instead of weaving, and cotton fibers instead of synthetic fibers. A 100% non-woven cotton fabric technology was proposed. Since 2005, raw cotton has been used directly, which has completely changed the traditional production technology, and Winner Medical has brought forth huge innovations for the textile industry. Our business includes cotton spunlace non-woven fabric, health care products, baby home care products, etc. You are welcome to order our products online!

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