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What Kind of Material is Better for Disposable Underpants?

Disposable underpants are a very good kind of daily necessities, and many people will wear disposable underpants in special circumstances, such as postpartum confinement, business trips and so on. Usually females use it more frequently. Disposable underpants are generally sold more in supermarkets or shopping malls, and less in drug stores generally.

1. The selection method of disposable underpants

(1) Look at the brand: When buying disposable underpants, try to choose the products of regular brand manufacturers. Also check to see if there is a national health permit number, and do not buy if there is not.

(2) Look at the shelf life: Disposable underpants also belong to bathroom products, so there is also a shelf life problem, so when you buy it, check the time limit.

(3) Look at the material: When buying disposable underpants like disposable underwear for women, try to choose pure cotton material, because pure cotton underpants are more comfortable, and the moisture absorption and air permeability are better.

2. Notes on wearing disposable underwear

(1) Don't wear it for a long time

Disposable Panties are convenient, but not as comfortable and breathable as traditional cotton underpants. It is not suitable for long-term wear. When you buy disposable underpants, you must buy qualified products from regular brands. If you accidentally buy substandard products, wearing them for a long time may cause skin allergies and even gynecological inflammation.

(2) Change it every day

Whether you wear disposable underpants or regular underpants, they should be changed daily to keep your private parts clean and provide health protection. If you need to wear disposable underpants for several days in a row, change it every day. Don't wear it all the time for saving money or other reasons.

(3) Don't wear it in wet weather

Because the disposable underpants on the market are mostly made of non-woven materials, which has poor air permeability, it is easy to make the local temperature and humidity rise, and further cause bacterial and fungal infections, and induce gynecological diseases. In rainy and humid weather, the situation is more serious.

3. Introduction of materials of disposable underpants

(1) Synthetic non-woven disposable underpants

In terms of synthetic non-woven disposable underpants, it is neither cloth nor paper, but is a synthetic chemical fiber. Because of its poor air permeability, and closeness to the skin, it is easy to cause the skin discomfort, further causing gynecological problems.

(2) Cotton nonwovens disposable underpants

Disposable underwear made of pure cotton has always been the best choice for underpants manufacturing. It can provide women with the most comfortable private part feeling. Compared with synthetic non-woven fabric, it has better moisture absorption and air permeability.
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