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What's the Best Way to Clean Eyeglass Lenses?

Correct cleaning of glasses is the best way to maintain them, glasses cleaning is a very frequent requirement in daily life. However, people often do not pay attention to the correct choice of the cleaning method of glasses, which leads to the glasses being easily worn to different degrees, or not completely cleaned. Several common cleaning methods for glasses include paper tissue, clothes sleeves, cleaner cloth, household cleaner, anti-fog glasses cleaner, glasses cleaning wipes, etc.

What’s the best way to clean eyeglass lenses?

1. Paper tissue is the cleaning tool we use the most, but paper tissue materials like paper towels, napkins or toilet paper can scratch lenses and only make the lenses look dirtier by smearing the dirt or oil already on the lens.

2. A piece of shirt sleeve may seem like a convenient option, but it’s not recommended – especially when your lenses are dry and susceptible to scratching. Furthermore, since clothing comes into contact with the skin, dead skin cells and oil may be deposited on the glasses when cleaning,thus would not have the effect of cleaning.

3. Cleaner cloths—when cleaning glasses, it’s crucial to select a cloth that’s designed specifically for glasses to avoid irreversible damage from scratching and abrasion. The best glasses cleaner cloths are made from microfiber, an incredibly fine material made of polyester or nylon. A dense construction or weave allows microfiber to wick away grease, hair, and dirt of even the smallest sizes from sensitive and smooth surfaces like eyeglass lenses, making microfiber cleaning cloths an economical and simple solution for keeping glasses free of debris.

4. Household cleaner—some chemical components in detergent or hand sanitiser may have a corrosive effect on the coating layer of the lens. This cleaning method will cause the coating layer to fall off after a long time of use.

5. Cleaner wipes——Lens wipes are a fantastic way to get lenses sparkling clean quickly. Choosing lens wipes is ideal in situations where you absolutely have to ensure that the cleaning product is free and clear of dirt and abrasive materials during each use. It’s important to choose a wipe that’s designed specifically for critical applications over a generic alcohol wipe to prevent accidental scratches or other types of damage to arise during cleaning. As a professional lens wipes factory, Winner Medical's high-performance lens wipes can be used for glasses, camera lenses, binocular lenses, and other sensitive optical surfaces.

Are lens wipes good?

1. Convenient. Lens wipes are convenient and easy to use, which are a simple and effective way to clean lenses. The disposable format further ensures that users achieve the best results every time.

2. Cleaning and sterilization: The alcohol concentration of lens wipes is 70%~75%, which can not only remove stains but also effectively kill bacteria without damaging the coating of the lens.

3. Mild and harmless: the alcohol added by lens wipes evaporates quickly on the lens, and there will be no traces of water and odor left on the lens. After wiping, the lens has a feeling of rebirth, finger prints and stains are cleaned up, and the effect of protecting the lens is plated.

How do you use lens wipes for glasses?

1. Dust removal: The first step is to rinse the lens with clean water to wash away the dust, impurities and particles on the lens. In order to avoid particles from scratching the lens when wiping.

2. Degreasing: There are three options for this one. A: Use the cleaning solution provided by the store to remove grease. B: Use a neutral hand sanitiser to lather and apply the lens to remove grease. C: The best choice is dedicated lens wipes.

Will frequent rubbing damage the lens? There are various dust particles on the surface of the lens, including particles with very high hardness. When wiping the lens, if these particles are not gently swept away in advance, they may cause damage to the lens, but this is not the problem of lens wipes. It's a matter of wiping method. Lens wipes themselves are moist and soft, and will not introduce additional high-hardness particles, which will not cause lens damage, and some dust particles may be dissolved by cleaning agents, which will also reduce the possibility of the lens being damaged by particles.

Winner Medical, a leading lens wipes supplier, has more than 30 years of medical experience, our high-performance lens wipes are produced in a medical-grade workshop and are absolutely safe and reliable. Welcome to inquiry about any high-performance lens wipes solution and buy lens wipes bulk.

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