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Which is More Suitable for Washing Face, Household Towel or Compressed Towel?

Nowadays, the compressed towel has become an indispensable object in people's daily life. Whether on business trips or at home, you must carry a towel with you to wash your face. Generally speaking, after we clean the skin of our face with water or warm water, we only need to wipe the excess moisture from our face.

Typically, when we use household towels, we only replace them once every two or three months or more. Each time after washing the face, the towel will be dried in a more humid and cool place, such as the kitchen or bathroom and other places. And after using the towel, the towel is not wrung out, or even wet, plus in a cool and humid environment, the towel is easy to breed bacteria.

According to scientific research, an ordinary towel, after used for 3 months, is estimated to have 10,000 bacteria. The towel after used for 6 months is estimated to have one million bacteria, and in terms of the towel used for two years, the number of bacteria is too much to estimate. It turns out that there will be so many bacteria on the household towels we use every day, and using such towels to wash your face will inevitably cause damage to the skin of your face, such as causing acne breeding, dull yellow face and other problems. Therefore, when using household towels, you must remember to wash and change them regularly, and take them to the sun to dry. Therefore, in order to meet people's needs, the market has also been born other kinds of towels, such as compressed towels, which in recent years is also welcomed by many people.

1. The meaning of compressed towel

Relative to ordinary towels, the volume of compressed towel is reduced by 80% to 90%. When used in water expansion, it is intact. Compared to traditional household towels, compressed towels are more safe and healthy. Because the compressed towels are not opened, in a sealed environment, to a large extent it can avoid the breeding of bacteria. And compressed towels can also be called "disposable towels", so after use it can be thrown away, and you do not have to worry about the follow-up bacteria problems.

2. The advantages of choosing compressed towels

The most critical point is the cleaning of the skin of the face. The use of compressed towels can reduce the bacteria on the skin of the face, to avoid a series of facial problems. Moreover, the compressed towel also has these major advantages.

(1) Easy to carry

Compressed towel due to its small size and light quality after compressed, is convenient to carry anywhere. Whether you are on a business trip or go out with your family, compressed towel is the best choice, and you can put the compressed towel in your carry-on bag.

(2) Play the role of cleaning and sterilization

Compressed towels usually use ultraviolet sterilization method, with the shell using advanced PVC encapsulation technology, so that the product does not directly contact with the air, thus effectively avoiding product pollution. In use, you don't need to wash your face with water. Directly open the compressed towel to wipe the skin of the face and it can also play a certain role in sterilization.

(3) Wide range of use

Why compressed towel will be welcomed by many young people? It is because of its wide range of uses. It can be used for hand washing, face washing, bathing, dishwashing, scrubbing vehicles and so on. Or in hot weather, a compressed towel is suitable for friends who are likely to sweat, because it has a good sweat-absorbing effect.

So, those who see here should understand that compressed towels are more suitable for washing your face. But in the face of the wide range of compressed towels on the market, many people do not understand how to choose. Winner Medical provides compressed towel OEM service, we use 100% cotton spunlace non-woven fabric as the raw material to produce high-quality compressed towel, welcome to consult.

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