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Xu Weilin, CAE Academician and President of Wuhan Textile University Paid a Visit to Winner Medical

On December 5th, Xu Weilin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, deputy party secretary and president of Wuhan Textile University, and Guo Qingfeng, director of the Science and Technology Department of Wuhan Textile University, and the scientific research team of Wuhan Textile University visited Winner Medical. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on future school-enterprise cooperation about technological innovation, R&D, and application. Li Jianquan, chairman of Winner Medical and 1978's alumnus of Wuhan Textile University, and the senior management team received visitors.


Xu Weilin has long been committed to the teaching and research of new fiber materials. He has made outstanding contributions to society in the modification of fiber materials, research of new textile theories and technologies, R&D of textile testing instruments, the establishment of standards, and development of new textile products. Over the years, Xu Weilin has presided over and participated in many national projects and major international cooperation projects. Some of Xu Weilin's theoretical results have also been successfully used in the actual production of textile enterprises.

It is reported that Xu Weilin was elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in November. Visiting Winner Medical was also the first stop for Xu Weilin to visit cooperative enterprises with his scientific research team after the election.

Winner Medical is a leading company in the domestic medical dressing industry. Winner Medical has established long-term and friendly cooperation with Wuhan Textile University. As one of the initiators of the Education Development Foundation of Wuhan Textile University, Li Jianquan donated 1 million yuan in 2016 to set up the "Jianquan Scholarship" to finance outstanding but financially difficult students. In April of this year, the two parties also signed an agreement on combating production and research and struck a deal for jointly cultivating medical dressing talents and striving to overcome technical difficulties.


At the meeting, Li Jianquan, the chairman of Winner Medical, expressed his sincere congratulations to President Xu Weilin for his election as CAE academician. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude to his alma mater for its support and help in the development of Winner Medical's three major brands "Winner Medical", "Purcotton" and "PureH2B".


Xu Weilin spoke highly of the development of Winner Medical's three major brands and affirmed Winner Medical's research results and social benefits in the application and development of natural materials such as cotton and gauze. In addition, he had an in-depth discussion with Winner Medical's R&D team on some key technical issues in the R&D work.

A few days ago, Winner Medical was planning to build Winner Medical's Innovation Research Institute. For the development and production of products, Winner Medical continues to focus on new technologies, new structures, and new functions of yarns and fabrics.

Based on the above direction, Winner Medical will conduct in-depth cooperation with Wuhan Textile University in terms of the new green textile technology, green finishing technology, new non-woven technology, and other material research and product innovation, and jointly promote Winner Medical's Construction of Innovation Research Institute. At the same time, the two parties will bring better products to consumers together through systematic R&D and innovation.

Li Jianquan said that as an alumnus of Wuhan Textile University, he would actively join in building a better alma mater to give back to his alma mater.

Winner Medical has always insisted on "cotton" as the core, and always insisted on the business direction of "one cotton, one fiber" as its major business. Now Winner Medical has become a large-scale health company with the collaborative development of the medical and consumer sectors.

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