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Kitchen Wipes: Say Goodbye to Kitchen Oil-stricken Areas

If you love life and like cooking, do you often have such troubles in kitchen? The stovetop was covered with food and oil fume and dirt left after cooking. The surface of the range hood and the filter screen became the hardest hit area for oil pollution. The wall in front of the stove was covered with dense oil stains. If you stay in this "greasy" place for a long time, the skin will be negatively affected. So, what can you do to remove the "greasiness" of the kitchen? Your kitchen hygiene will be protected by kitchen wipes. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of kitchen oil stains, stove dirt, hood oil stains, pots and utensils.

1. Use the kitchen wipes to decontaminate and improve efficiency

With the addition of a degreasing factor, the detergency is MAX, and the stubborn oil stains in the "hardest-hit areas" can also be effectively decomposed, making cleaning easier and simpler.

2. Kitchen wipes guard the clean kitchen, remove oil without hurting hands

RO pure water + 0 alcohol, mild ingredients, not easy to cause irritation to the skin, safer to use. The kitchen wipes are fragrant and do not hurt hands, and its strong sterilization effect does not mean that it contains alcohol. Kitchen wipes belong to non-alcoholic disinfection, which can effectively remove Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc. without irritation. The added lemon essence adds a fresh fragrance to your kitchen.

3. The kitchen wet wipes are thickened and wiped without getting dirty hands

The surface of the wipes has raised pearl patterns to increase friction, and the thick texture effectively relieves the discomfort caused by sterilization in greasy weather.

4. The kitchen wipes are easy to draw, and there is no waste

The non-continuous pumping technology + double-cover sealing design can better preserve the moisture content of the rest of the paper towels, strengthen the isolation of bacteria, and ensure that every wipe you use is safe!

Kitchen wet wipes have a sterilization effect, with a sterilization rate of 99.99%. The disinfecting effect of kitchen wet wipes belongs to active degreasing. Compared with adding detergent after soaking a rag, it only needs to be wiped lightly, which is suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of modern young people. In addition, while cleaning oil stains, it can also disinfect the surface of objects, creating a clean kitchen environment for us.

Kitchen cleaning is a necessary part of daily cleaning. Winner Medical's 100% Cotton Kitchen Wet Oily Cleansing Wipes are strong, highly absorbent and durable, making them perfect for kitchen cleaning. The series of products can also be customized with patterns and additional features on reusable kitchen cleaning wipes. Feel free to contact us for prices on kitchen wipes!

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