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Kitchen Wipes Can Effectively Inhibit Bacteria in the Kitchen

Kitchen wipes are the items that scrub kitchen sink, stove and other kitchen supplies, with the effect of removing oil and inhibiting bacteria, which are very convenient. Kitchen wipes are mainly used to clean the kitchen, and good kitchen wipes contain natural anti-bacterial ingredients. In the era without kitchen wet wipes, people mainly use rags to clean the kitchen. Rags can be reused, but with a long time, it will give off a smell, and will become more and more black, and cannot be clean, and gradually become a culture dish of bacteria itself. The emergence of kitchen wipes has solved the problem that wipes cannot solve. Kitchen wipes are capable of cleaning hoods, cooktops, kitchen countertops and other bacteria "disaster areas". It is effortless to use and is single-use. A wet kitchen wipe can wipe hoods and cooktops once. It is both safe and convenient as well as economical.

1. The use of kitchen wipes

Kitchen appliances are mainly composed of gas stoves, range hoods, refrigerators and microwave ovens, etc. The surface of these items is covered with more oil and food residue, so the kitchen cleaning wipes are required to have a strong ability to remove dirt. The concentration of detergent in the dip formula is high, which is generally formulated to become alkaline solution for use.

Because the effect of decontamination is different, the ingredients of decontamination are naturally different. The ingredients and detergent ingredients contained in kitchen wipes are different. Some contain ingredients which can remove heavy grease, as well as fragrance, alcohol and other chemicals. The bowl is a necessary daily eating utensils, which has the direct contact with the mouth, so the cleanliness and safety of the bowl is directly related to personal health. Bowls generally cannot be wiped by kitchen wipes, and it is best to clean with water, or with special dishwashing detergent for cleaning.

2. The choice of kitchen wipes

Kitchen wipes are specifically used to clean the kitchen grease, and do not have the characteristics of adsorbing moisture and oil in the food. And wipes contain additives, fragrances, alcohol and other chemicals. Selection of kitchen wipes requires our attention.

(1) Mainly look at its ability to remove dirt, as well as whether it is safe, mild type, and whether it hurts hands.

(2) There is a difference between kitchen paper and kitchen wipes. Kitchen paper is the same as the napkin, but is rougher and similar to paper towels that clean hands, and has a certain cleaning effect. But the kitchen wet wipes are greasy, dedicated to cleaning grease in the stove, hoods and others.

(3) The packaging should have the factory name, factory address, telephone, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, production date, health license number, number of implementation of health standards, instructions for use and precautions and other contents.

(4) Wet wipes of different uses have their own shelf life, which should be paid attention to.

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