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How to choose the right dust-free cotton buds?

To understand the target of dust-free cotton buds, it is necessary to find out what the dust-free cotton buds are used for and the cleanliness requirements.

To buy dust-free cotton buds, we need to learn to identify with the naked eye

If it looks like there are many fluff balls on the cleaning cotton bud at first glance, we cannot buy it. In addition, we can also see the workmanship of the cotton bud itself. If the price of the cotton bud itself is low, but the workmanship is not very exquisite, it will affect the quality of the safety cotton bud itself. In addition to identifying with the naked eye, you can also smell whether there is a strange smell on the cotton bud. In addition to the cotton bud soaked in IPA, if there is a pungent smell on the cotton bud, then we will still consider changing to another brand.

The dust-free cotton buds should be chosen according to the material

For example, for dust-free cotton buds with sponge heads, high-quality materials have extremely strong cleaning power, and the head is smooth, flexible, without hard edges and debris. The material of the rubbing stick does not add chemical reagents, so there is no need to worry about chemical reactions with the wiping product. At the same time, it must be a silicon-free product, which does not affect the product's magnetic head, such as a hard disk.

The statement that dust-free cotton buds with sponge head can be used with any solvent to wipe products is unscientific

No matter how good the sponge is, it will produce different degrees of "disfigurement" when encountering acetone solution. The high-quality sponge heads have relatively good compatibility, but it cannot guarantee complete compatibility. In real life, people use sponge-headed cotton buds to clean more, so they can consider using isopropanol solvents to clean, which have strong cleaning ability and are environmentally friendly. If you must use a higher-strength cleaning solvent, such as acetone, you can also use polyester or superfine fiber cotton bud heads to achieve the ideal effect and not cause the “disfigurement" of the sterile cotton bud head.

The external of the dust-free cotton bud should be simple and practical, and the hand feel is good. The stem of the dust-free cotton bud must be smooth and regular, and flexible and not easy to break. Otherwise, even the best cotton bud head will have no use. Since dust-free cotton buds are fast-moving consumer goods, only the head is consumed during use, so they can be designed into safety cotton buds with replaceable heads, which can save the company's cost. I believe most companies still value this feature.

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