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What Disinfection is Medical Disinfection Moisture Wipes Suitable For?

Everyone is concerned about disinfection issues. The disinfection products we know include disinfectant, disinfection machine, disinfection cabinet, disinfection water, and medical disinfection moisture wipes. The more common ones in ordinary people's lives are disinfectant, medical disposable disinfection moisture wipes, etc. So, what disinfection is medical disinfection moisture wipes suitable for?

Adaptation of medical disinfection moisture wipes

The ingredients of medical disinfection moisture wipes of different brands will also vary, and different ingredients are suitable for the disinfection of different items. For example, disinfection moisture wipes products with quaternary ammonium salt ingredients can kill bacteria, cocci, pathogenic yeast, etc., and can be used for surface disinfection of objects. When used, just take out the moisture wipe and finish disinfection in just 2 minutes, and it can also have a cleaning effect. In addition, there are alcohol disinfection moisture wipes, biguanide disinfection moisture wipes, chlorine-containing disinfection moisture wipes, or composite disinfection moisture wipes.

The scope of application of disinfection moisture wipes with different ingredients varies. Basically, the packaging or instructions will show their functions. Medical disinfection moisture wipes can reduce the probability of disinfectant solution mismatch incidents and reduce cross-infection caused by repeated use of rags soaked in disinfectant solution during the cleaning and disinfection process. As medical disinfection moisture wipes can be used immediately, it can save labor well, and the compliance is also better. There is no need to spend time preparing the solution, cleaning the rag, or removing the residual disinfectant. The cleaning and disinfection process can be completed in one step.

Precautions for using medical disinfection moisture wipes

(1) Pay attention to all aspects of disinfection moisture wipes when selecting, and confirm the functions of the product.

(2) Pay attention to the paper quality of the disinfection moisture wipes.

(3) Confirm the sealing of the medical disinfection moisture wipes after getting it in your hands.

(4) Confirm the wear resistance and moisturizing properties of the disinfection moisture wipes.

(5) Pay attention to the product information and specifications.

(6) Confirm the irritability of the product.

(7) Open the package and use one, and throw it away after using moisture wipe. Note that disinfection moisture wipes are disposable products. If the packaging is damaged, the product is expired, or the related quality is not up to standard, avoid using it.

Cleaning and disinfection are the basis for preventing and controlling infections. Correct disinfection can effectively reduce the spread of bacteria, reduce infections during hospitalization, and prevent the spread of pathogens, effectively protecting human health. Disinfectant, medical disinfection moisture wipes, and alcohol disinfection moisture wipes can be used for cleaning and disinfection of medical facilities to reduce hospital infections. The above is the introduction to medical disinfection moisture wipes. We hope that the content of this article can be helpful to you.

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